Your Crazy Post-40 Hormones: Fat Loss, Fitness & Staying Sane

Occasionally I get an email that really grabs my attention: “Belinda, HELP! I've always been really fit. I workout four times a week and eat healthy but recently I've started gaining weight, I've put on 10lbs in the last two months! I'm exhausted and forget about sex. What's going on?” Hello and welcome to your post-40 hormones! No matter what your age - if you’re female, you need to read this blog. Don’t make the same mistake I did and dismiss changing hormones as … [Read More...]


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Transforming The Female Body: Things to Avoid, How to Enjoy It and What to Do!

If you’re like many women that come to me for help, you’re frustrated with not getting the results you want and deserve. You’re not alone. Every day I hear from women just like you who are struggling to find the magic formula to help them get a lean, defined and toned body. Here’s the thing.. It’s not nearly as hard, as difficult or as elusive as you think right now. In fact, once you understand a few simple but powerful truths about how to transform your body and achieve lasting … [Read More...]


The Mystery of Cellulite (Solved)

Have you ever been going along your own sweet little way in life, when suddenly you are hit like a ton of bricks with a shocking realization? Not fun. Let me tell you about one of those moments! I was in a department store dressing room trying on a one-piece swimsuit at age 37. At the time I had been married for 13 years and to be honest, I never really bothered to look at - let alone think about my body.  As you all know, I had never exercised and lived on a diet of coffee, biscuits … [Read More...]


The Truth About Alcohol: A Heart to Heart

Sit back, relax and take a deep breath.  We’re going to talk about alcohol. Whenever I bring up the topic of drinking in my workshops, the room suddenly gets very quiet.  As I share anonymous stories from clients I’ve worked with over the years – the forty year old working Mom who eats well but needs her two glasses of wine at night to "take the edge off the day", the stressed executive who eats less so she can drink more and the hard core gym girl who every weekend puts on the weight … [Read More...]


The Truth About Sugar & Carbs

Not many years ago I lived on sugar. Six coffees a day each with three or four teaspoons of sugar, consumed with several biscuits (cookies). Between the coffees I ate lollies (candies) all day which I kept on my desk at work. The afternoon was cake and chocolate. Dinner was small serve of meat with vegetables followed by dessert. No wonder I was riddled with cellulite, spongy and flabby by 40. I know about carb cravings. Maybe you’ve tried “everything” and can’t lose weight. Maybe … [Read More...]

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60-Second Get Lean Quiz!!

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Secrets of a 40-Plus Fitness Model: 4 Magic Keys To Mid-Life Transformation

Today I want to give you a gift. Not a free workout or downloadable e-Book that are a dime a dozen online…. But a gift of hope, inspiration and life-changing wisdom. A gift I wish someone had given me when I turned 40. Back then I’d been happily married for 16 years. We lived in our dream home and were trying for the baby I’d wanted for a long time. I had a thriving career and felt on top of the world. One day my husband confessed that for half our marriage he’d … [Read More...]


Low-Impact High-Results Lower Body Toning (Video Workout)

Every day I get messages from beautiful women wondering if they can ever look and feel great again. Often times they've had children and are busy juggling work and family.  As the years go by we find our body and hormones change.  What used to work - no longer does!  So we start gaining weight and become less active - which makes starting all over again feel really hard. Add challenges like bothersome knees or hips, an illness or health setback...and it is easy to feel … [Read More...]


6 Life-Changing Transformational Secrets

I've had the pleasure of helping thousands upon thousands of women achieve their dream body.  I'm talking about conquering the presence of unsightly cellulite and stubborn lower body fat - and replacing it with beautiful lean muscle. Here's me at age 44... What makes this photo remarkable is that just a few years prior I was riddled with cellulite, overweight and never exercised in my life.  I know what it takes.  And I know how to get you there - no matter where you're starting … [Read More...]

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Before & After Photos: Keeping It Real!

Recently I received a note from a self confessed “before and after” photo junkie.  She told me “Bel, I spend hours on the internet looking at before and after transformation photos”!  The problem is, this beautiful girl has never moved beyond just looking and still feels unable to make the changes she needs to make to be happy with her body. This got me to thinking about the real life stories that are unfolding before me every day coaching women just like you.   It’s … [Read More...]


The Nice Butt Workout (Video)

At 50 years old I'm in the best shape of my life - and having helped thousands of women achieve their dream body I often get asked: Belinda, what exercises can I do to lift, firm and round my butt? So today I'm sharing my favorite equipment free workout! First, here are the 6 Essential Sexy Butt Secrets you must know. 1. If you don’t use it you lose it.    As you get older, if you don’t workout your butt, it will sag. Full stop.  Not only that, you’ll be more prone to … [Read More...]


How To Master Your “Biological Body Clock” to Eat, Sleep, and Lose Weight

If you’re like many women you’re frustrated with not getting the results you want (and deserve). Every day I hear from beautiful ladies around the world struggling to find the magic formula to a lean, defined and toned body. Here’s the thing.. It’s not nearly as hard, as difficult or as elusive as you think right now. Today I’m going to show you how to solve the puzzle of your biological clocks. And how just by getting in sync you can start losing weight and feeling great … [Read More...]


How Susan Lost 24kgs: Never Say Never

Hi, my name is Susan. I was born in the UK and live in Wellington, New Zealand. All my life I'd promised myself I would never be "fat and 40".  But last year when I turned 44 I weighed more than I ever had (after a lifetime of being overweight)…. I’d Tried “Everything”! I’d tried crazy month long detox plans, lost heaps of weight and put it straight back on after. I’ve tried calorie restriction (just awful). Low fat plans…. I used a weight watchers … [Read More...]


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5 Ways To Flatten Your Tummy: Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do

Let’s get right down to it. Tummy fat, tummy bloating, tummy sagging….is not fun. Feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious… Struggling with tight clothes…. And the dreaded “having to buy the next size up”. Every day I get messages like this from frustrated women asking for help: “Bel, I can’t get rid of the roll around my tummy! I’ve increased my exercise and my eating is OK but it seems to be getting worse not better...can you help?" And I confidently answer … [Read More...]

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Solving the Hormone, Fat Loss and Fitness Puzzle (No Matter What Your Age)

Over the last 10 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of women look and feel amazing. Many felt like giving up. Many felt like their best years were behind them. Many felt like they were too far gone….. Yet despite their fears, insecurities and doubts – they transformed from being unhappy, overweight and unfit to being lean, strong and sexy. No matter what their age. Here’s the thing. Like it or not, your body will change. From your 30’s to your 50’s … [Read More...]


The Kick-Butt Full Body Burn Workout

Hi and welcome to my Kick-Butt Full Body Burn Workout. Wherever you're at today - you're in the right place to get the lean, defined, strong body you've always dreamed of. Many women I talk to train hard, they eat well - but they don't see the results they want. It's frustrating and discouraging - especially when you see the scale going up not down! This workout will help you burn off excess body fat and get lean from top to toe. It includes strength training intervals that … [Read More...]


9 Best Body Transformation Truths: Advice From The Heart

Today I’d like to share some life-changing truths from the heart to help you recapture the "real you" again…to look and feel amazing no matter what your age or starting point. You see I know what it’s like to feel “stuck”. At 37 I’d never exercised, was overweight and full of cellulite…..and then I found myself suddenly divorced. This unexpected turn of events shocked me into realizing I had lost touch with the real me. I’d pushed my own needs, wants and desires so far down … [Read More...]


All About Diets: Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do

Losing weight shouldn't be hard! By that I mean constantly trying new diets and exercise programs only to be frustrated, disappointed and discouraged, yet again. You can get your dream body but it's not in some magic rapid fat loss diet, supplement or extreme program. I know this because I've done it myself in my 40's and had the honor of helping thousands of women do it too. I'm the one they come to after trying "everything". Here's one of my clients, Olivia from Melbourne, Australia who … [Read More...]