Think Lean – Get Lean (my mind control story)

by Belinda on March 6, 2011

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When I was 29-years-old I was the National Training Manager of Shiseido cosmetics Australia. I had just finished my first year in my new senior management position and went into my first ever performance appraisal, eager to hear all about what I had done welland how I could improve. But Mr. Isejima my Japanese boss had just 1 sentence for me. “Belinda I am happy, but you need more mind control”.That was it. Nothing more. I stammered a little, gathered up my empty notepad and left the room, stunned.

After considerable reflection I understood he was telling me I needed to control my emotions more. That I had let them to overshadow my job and my performance.  Like the time I had allowed one of my staff bring me to tears in a group meeting.  Or the time where I got a little carried away in a presentation when I noticed one of my Japanese big bosses napping – and slammed my papers down on the boardroom table to make a point, so as to wake him up and make he sure paid attention (true!).  And many more stories like that….as my ex-work mates well know!

But, you see, he didn’t say all that – he said; “mind control”. It’s our thoughts that produce those negative emotions – and it’s just these kind of emotions can sabotage our best intentions in life. For us, it can be things like healthy eating and achieving the physiquewe desire. So let’s get some mind control and start with dealing with some of the most common negative thoughts that try toundermine our ability to lose weight. Here are some examples of negative self-sabotaging thoughts that can stop us:

  • I’ve tried before and failed.
  • I can’t control what I eat.
  • I don’t have the discipline.
  • I’ll start tomorrow.
  • My friends and family don’t support me.
  • I don’t have the genetics I don’t have time.
  • I am too stressed to start now.
  • I can never stick to eating healthy.
  • I can’t give up my chocolate or late night snacks.
  • I will never lose weight I don’t deserve to be lean.

It’s time to stop allowing past negative thoughts like this to contaminate our thinking. You are in control of your thoughts – whenthey try to rise up and take over – let them go. Don’t fuel them with more worry and anxious thinking. Your mind will want to rebel to tellyou that you need to keep thinking these negative thoughts – but if you stick to it, every day it will get easier until suddenly yourealize you are feeling more positive, happy and empowered not only about achieving your physique goals but about life in general!

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Amanda Brown March 8, 2011 at 7:43 pm

Thanks Belinda a great article and I also believe that it is important to bring people back to mental thoughts and things that they say which can be a direct result of sabotage, without even realising it.

From personal experience of Training clients I can see the exact moment where mentally they are giving in. It is my queue to pump them up to finish off a set but imagine if they were mentally strong enough to do this themselves?

Thanks again



Belinda March 8, 2011 at 7:54 pm

Hey Aussie Girl! Great to hear from you. I so know what you are talking about and my goal this year is to try and teach my clients how to recognize those moments and push through them without my help – even though I might be standing right beside them. I was stoked tonight when one of my girls who normally can only sprint 1 minute did 3 of her own accord – just as a result of reading this blog! She told me afterwards she just separated her mind from her body discomfort by counted to 10 over and over – which made her feel like she was taking bite sized pieces of the 3 minute run, rather than the eternal “when is it gonna end”! Now she taught me something! Love your blog Amanda and please stay in touch. I will be in Melbourne next January. xoxo


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