5 Natural Ways To Turn Back The Clock!

by Belinda on January 12, 2014

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There’s absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look our best and feel our best. How we feel about ourselves on the outside affects many positive emotions on the inside.  

But as time goes by it’s easy to minimize the importance of  investing time and energy into YOU! Especially as the demands of being a wife, mother, carer and worker take their toll over the years.

I’ve observed over the years that external improvements for the better often lead to many powerful and positive life changes.  I’ve seen this over and over again with my coaching clients and this was also the case for me recovering from a traumatic divorce and restarting my life.  This isn’t only about being fit and lean….this is also about our skin.

Every day, millions of women around the world wake up, look in the mirror and wonder “where have the years gone and what’s happened to my face”!?

The truth is, there is something that can be done to bring back your youthful complexion again – and you don’t have to resort to Botox! 

5 Keys To Naturally Reverse the Signs of Aging


make up

Key # 1: Cut-Down on Toxic Cosmetics That Suffocate Your Skin

Chemical foundations, concealers and color cosmetics cause our pores to become clogged and blocked. This stops the skin from releasing toxins, sweat, oils and bacteria – resulting in progressive build-up of these unfriendly elements – leading to irritation, inflammation, discoloration and wrinkling.
So we buy more cosmetics trying to “fix” the problem – wasting more money and making things worse. 
junk food

Key # 2: Stop Eating Hidden “Skin-Killers”

Have you ever thought about the harmful impact that food could  be having on your skin? Accelerating the aging process?
Concentrated sugars, genetically modified oils, dough-conditioners, artificial sweeteners, chemical preservatives, anti-caking agents, the list of avoidable ingredients goes on – ALL at the expense of your natural beauty.
These ingredients – which make foods cheaper to manufacture, and more profitable for the companies who make them – can have damaging effects on our outer skin layers – by way of effecting women internally, at the hormonal levels.
We already know how delicate the female hormone system is. But when we introduce these foreign elements into our physiological ecosystem – they can impact female hormone regulation in punishing ways – resulting in unwanted “signs” of early aging on the outer layers of our skin – especially the face.



Key # 3: Don’t Risk Your Beauty & Health with “Surgical Alternatives”

Considered “less invasive” than surgery popular injectables such as wrinkle erasers, cheek lifters and lip volumizers promise minimal downtime and fast results. And yes maybe that’s the case….
But the reality is – these are foreign chemical agents injected into the skin to get a specific response – primarily a temporary change in the structural appearance of the face – REGARDLESS of short and long term risks. And even though this group of treatments are relatively new – we are now starting to see the backlash trickling down from the celebrities who were the first to afford these newer options.

Think about this. The youthful firmness of your face is due to it’s underlying muscular layer. If you “freeze” a muscle with Botox it weakens and atrophies, creating premature sagging (around the eyes, cheeks and mouth). We are already seeing evidence of this in women who’ve been using Botox for years and the deeper, long term effects are frightening.

Female Human Face Anatomy

But here’s a fact that can’t be denied. The female face has over 42 individual muscles. And just like any other muscle in the body – if we stimulate them with some unique, but gentle, movements – we can get those little muscles more toned, shapely and lifted. Without the high cost – and without the dangerous risk to your body and health. Let me explain how….


Key # 4: Detox & ‘Reset’ Your Skin Production Layer from the Inside

The skin’s cellular regeneration cycle is 28 days. This means – the skin you see in the mirror today started to be formed just 28 days ago inside the deeper stratum basale layer of the epidermis. The secret is to tap into this ongoing, 28-day cycle to enhance and improve the quality of our skin’s self-renewal power.
Many women find when they start making certain, simple changes to their skincare regime and nutrition within just 4 weeks their skin quickly begins to regain its youthful appearance. 

Key # 5: Feed Your Skin With Youth-Inducing Foods & Nutrients

Estrogen, progesterone and testosterone are 3 of the primary hormones involved in the skin regeneration process mentioned above. And more importantly – they are responsible for the visual and structural integrity of the skin. They directly affect how our skin looks and feels. 
This is why it is so important to balance and optimize them from the inside, through the power of beauty-enhancing foods. When your body has an abundant supply of these vital hormonal building blocks, optimal homeostatic balance is restored, naturally “healing” the underlying root-cause of common skin problems – and reversing the visible signs of aging. 

Key # 6: BONUS Tip – Give Yourself a Natural 5-Minute Face-Lift

This technique has been practiced for thousands of years by Eastern cultures and is said to hold the key to longevity & vibrant aging. The essence of this method is based on tapping into the body’s Meridian System to increase blood flow, enhance lymph activity and invigorate neuro-muscular function.

Note: Because I get asked often, in this video I am 49 years, today I am 52 :)

By massaging your face and neck using gentle Shiatsu fingertip-pressure you cause 3 powerful things to happen:

A – you help deliver all the new anti-aging nutrients in your blood-stream – directly into all the skin cells that are craving them.

B – you release toxins out of the cells (skin, muscles, fat, etc.), by lymphatic stimulation (it’s the accumulation of toxins that many scientists believe are the number one cause of aging).

C – you stimulate the muscles to become fuller and more ‘toned’ by enhancing neural activity, thus ‘lifting’ the sagging areas of our face, making our skin smoother and firmer.

Most women are surprised to report additional benefits of the personal ‘Shiatsu Facial Massage Method’, that go way beyond a more beautiful face and younger complexion. These other key benefits include:

  • Reduced stress
  • Heightened levels of emotional well-being
  • Increased self-confidence and self-image

If you’d like a program to help you rejuvenate your skin naturally based on this proven system — then please check out my Super Sexy Skin Program. It’s a 30 Day Anti-Aging System that shows you step by step how to turn back the clock naturally through skin nutrition, gentle exercise, facial massage and home made treatments


Please let me know if this has helped you by posting below and if you have questions I’m here to listen, answer and encourage you on the journey to looking and feeling great again!

Bel xo





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