5 Ways To Flatten Your Tummy: Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do

by Belinda on November 30, 2016

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Let’s get right down to it.

Tummy fat, tummy bloating, tummy sagging….is not fun.

Feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious…

Struggling with tight clothes….

And the dreaded “having to buy the next size up”.

Every day I get messages like this from frustrated women asking for help:

“Bel, I can’t get rid of the tummy fat!! I’ve increased my exercise and and decreased my carbs but it seems to be getting worse not better…can you help?”

And I confidently answer – YES!

It’s not that you’re doing everything wrong.

It’s just that no one has helped you understand the hidden reasons why your tummy is getting bigger.

Most women make the mistake of starving themselves or doing long, exhausting workouts.

Which slows down their fat burning metabolism even more.

Yet when you know what’s RIGHT for your body the solution is simple…and a lot easier than you may imagine…

You need to understand the two types of tummy fat (visceral and subcutaneous) and the connection between your hormones, stress, digestion, toxicity, muscle atrophy and laxity. So you CAN get the flat tummy you want.

Maybe you’ve almost given up hope and deep down you’re thinking….

Will this really work for me…or can I even do it??

I understand that – because I’ve been there.

Because I wasn’t always in great shape.imagespace

This is me aged 33 with my wee grandma (all of just 5 foot).

My waistline was expanding faster than my Harry High-Pants. And genetics were not on my side. I felt and looked older than my young years…(a big tummy will do that to you). I dreaded finding clothes to wear to work. And my health was starting to suffer.

I wish someone had told me what I’m going to share with you today. The things I discovered in my 40’s that revealed my flat tummy….after lifetime of unhealthy eating and no exercise.

You see I know what it’s like to feel “stuck”…..

  • Like it’s too late.
  • Like your best years are behind you.
  • Like nothing you’re doing is working……

Yet you can turn all this around just like I did in my 40’s:

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA - FEBRUARY 5:  during the first round of the Panama Digicel Championship held at Club de Golf de Panama on February 5, 2009 in Panama City, Panama. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR) *** Local Caption ***

The Skinny-Fat Syndrome 

imagespaceHave you ever noticed how even skinny women can have a “tummy”?

That’s because it’s not just about how much we eat or the workouts we do.

It’s also about avoiding mistakes like burning the candle at both ends, drinking too much and too often, not enough sleep and too much stress, and eating processed foods with unhealthy sugars, fats, starchy carbs and chemical additives….

And yes your changing female hormones.

What’s more, excess deep tummy fat can signal serious health issues like:

  • Systemic Inflammation
  • Sleep Problems
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Extreme Fatigue
  • Toxic Overload
  • Heart Disease and Diabetes

So if you’re reading this and can relate……then it’s time to get serious about making a few simple lifestyle changes….

It’s Time For The Tummy To Go!

imagespaceI want you to look great.

To wear whatever you want, feeling happy, sexy and confident….not having to cover up or avoid the mirror.

And I want you to feel healthy.

Waking up full of positive energy, feeling strong, healthy and fit – knowing you’re able to enjoy life to the max …

So let me show you how.imagespace

The 5 Big Belly Problems (Solved)


Problem 1: The Two Types Of Belly Fat

imagespaceMany women don’t realize there are two kinds of belly fat: visceral (hidden, deep fat) and subcutaneous (surface fat).

Each type has it’s own causes and best flat belly solution.

(Most programs, diets and workouts miss this – and that’s probably why you’ve struggled to see progress in the past).

Here’s how to tell the difference.


Visceral fat accumulates around your abdominal organs (liver, pancreas and intestines). It’s more harmful than subcutaneous fat because it’s metabolically active. It releases chemicals into your bloodstream causing weight-related problems, disrupting your hormones and increasing the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol as well as other inflammatory conditions.

Visceral Fat is caused by: 

  • Dropping Estrogen (Post-40)
  • Alcohol
  • Stress (increased cortisol)
  • Poor Sleep
  • Toxic build up from chemical additives, unhealthy fats, sugars and starches.

Many women start to gain visceral fat once estrogen starts dropping in their 40’s.

The great news is this type of tummy fat is very responsive to a few simple lifestyle changes like:

  1. Minimizing processed foods that contain unhealthy fats and added chemicals.
  2. Eating slow burning carbohydrates not fast burning sugars (see related blog).
  3. Including hormone balancing foods like red maca (see related blog).
  4. Moderating your alcohol (see related blog).
  5. Reducing stress through stretching, meditation and yoga.
  6. Doing short HIIT full body fat burning routines 3 times a week.

Just a few tweaks to your routine and you should start to see your tummy shrinking within 2-3 weeks.

Subcutaneous Fat is stored under the skin. You can pinch between your fingers.

It’s usually caused by overeating (whether healthy food or not) and having a lower percentage of lean muscle mass.

This type of fat is more stubborn but when you strip it back you’ll start to see your abs! Here’s what to do:

  1. Manage your portion sizes and space out your meals and snacks evenly through the day to reduce cravings.
  2. Include high quality lean protein.
  3. Do lower body muscle-toning workouts to increase your resting rate metabolism (see below).



Problem 2: Muscle Atrophy & Laxity

imagespaceIt’s our abs that keep our tummy firm and flat. Like a natural corset.

But from our mid 30’s onwards these muscles start to atrophy, they weaken and shrink.

So our tummy looks less toned. (We don’t notice at first….but usually by our 40’s things have visibly changed).

Muscle laxity happens after having babies or losing a lot of weight. The stretched muscles lose their “spring” leading to tummy sagging and the lower belly “apron”.  

Both muscle atrophy and laxity can be reversed with the right exercises!

The key is retraining the muscles to pull together and inwards towards the spine (as opposed to pushing out which often happens when core exercises are done incorrectly).

Here’s a simple move to test out. Listen closely to my guidelines on the correct form and breathing technique.

imagespaceNote: Muscle atrophy also decreases our basal rate metabolism so we burn fewer calories at rest. Even though we might be eating and exercising the same way we always have, we start gaining weight. (Just another reason to make sure you’re doing the right muscle toning workouts).


Problem 3: Belly Bloating

imagespaceThere’s nothing more frustrating than belly bloat. Gaining a size overnight and feeling like a beached whale.

You can tell it’s bloating because your tummy will feel tight and firm (not spongy). It’s uncomfortable and it tends to appear suddenly (due to excess gas). Some of the most common causes are:

  • Food sensitivities (lactose and fatty foods)
  • Insoluble fiber (bran, beans, whole grains)
  • Hormone fluctuations and PMT
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • Swallowing air, carbonated drinks and chewing gum

Tips: Avoid trigger foods. Try green and herbal teas such as rosemary, chamomile, peppermint and sage is best. Vitamin B6 and digestive enzymes.

Problem 4: Water Retention

imagespaceWater retention causes puffiness (usually most obvious in your hands and feet). Your skin will remain indented after pressing and it feels spongy (not firm like bloating). Common causes are:

  • Salt
  • Toxins
  • Hormonal imbalances (estrogen, progesterone, insulin and cortisol)
  • Very low calorie or low protein diet

Tips: Try dandelion tea, Vitamin B5 & 6 and magnesium. Stay hydrated and drink less coffee and alcohol. Include naturally diuretic foods and juices like the ones below.


Problem 5: Poor Posture

imagespaceimagespaceStanding up straight will instantly improve the appearance of your tummy.

Unfortunately many of us spend too many hours on the computer or at the desk, leading to poor posture and weakened back muscles.

This can easily be corrected by strengthening the muscles that support the spine with the right exercises. Here are a few examples:



Here’s What’s Possible For You!


No matter what your age or how out of shape you might be, whether your hormones are changing, whether you’re time poor or you’ve tried in the past and failed….

You CAN get the flat, defined, toned tummy you desire.

To inspire you, here are just a few of the thousands of women I’ve coached on my 90-Day Get Lean Program (a big thank you everyone for sharing your photos).


imagespaceSo today you have two choices.

You can start with the tips on my blog – and you will see results.

Or you can accelerate your progress and guarantee your success by discovering exactly what to do for YOUR body.

Over the past 10 years I’ve helped thousands of women get in amazing shape through my 1:1 coaching and my online programs.

Just like them you CAN reset the dial of your fat burning metabolism, lose the belly and feel confident and sexy again.

And it doesn’t have to be confusing, expensive or time-consuming….

It’s simply about being educated and informed, and having a step-by-step guide to getting the results you want.

On my Get Lean Program you’ll have access to 8 Female Specific Flat Tummy Routines for women of all levels, shapes and sizes:

  • Time Saver Abs & Core: Beginner (suitable for post-pregnancy)
  • Standing Abs & Obliques
  • Exercise Ball Abs
  • Calvin Klein Obliques
  • Power Core Workout
  • On The Road Abs
  • Time Saver Abs & Obliques: Advanced
  • 8×8 Core Challenge


Plus you’ll get instant access to over 100 workouts from beginner to advanced – designed to stimulate fat burning and target all the common trouble zones like the inner-outer thighs, hips, back of the legs, butt, bra fat and back of your arms and yes the dreaded cellulite. Most can be done in around 30 minutes from home and many are equipment free (bodyweight).

We’ll customize your weekly training program through my coaching forum so you know exactly what your body needs to see quick results. You’ll have peace of mind knowing what you’re doing is exactly RIGHT for YOUR body.

And you’ll also receive my easy to follow Get Lean Eating Plan so you can feel lighter and leaner, have more energy and finally burn off the belly fat. I’ll show you exactly what foods to eat, the correct portion sizes and how to time your meals and carbohydrates so you can start losing weight straight away.

This is a 90-Day Program designed to get you on track for life.

You’ll see results within 4 weeks then from there you’ll just keep feeling and looking, better and better and BETTER!

Click Here To Join These Ladies On My Get Lean Program



I would love to coach you, to be your guide and show you the way to getting your flat tummy so you can feel and look amazing.

Bel xo

P.S. If you need more help or have questions about my program please post below or contact me privately via my Help Desk or Facebook Page.

















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Lisa September 2, 2017 at 8:41 am

Hi Bel,
Is the get lean program suitable for vegetarians?



Clara soto March 20, 2017 at 10:03 am

Hi Belinda, you Calvin Klein oblique workout looks great, however can a person with diastasis recti do this workout? And if not can you please, please suggest a workout that can give you same results. Thank you!


Belinda March 20, 2017 at 1:02 pm

Hi Clara, thanks for checking this. The Calvin Klein Oblique Workout isn’t suitable unless you’ve already re-trained the muscles and corrected the separation. I have suitable core routines on my Get Lean Program – I don’t have anything posted on my blog. I hope this helps! Bel XO


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