6 Transformational Secrets: Never Say Never

by Belinda on April 14, 2012

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I’ve had the pleasure of helping thousands upon thousands of women achieve their dream body.  I’m talking about conquering the presence of unsightly cellulite and stubborn lower body fat – and replacing it with beautiful lean muscle.

Here’s me at age 44…


What makes this photo remarkable is that just a few years prior I was riddled with cellulite, overweight and never exercised in my life.  I know what it takes.  And I know how to get you there – no matter where you’re starting from.

If you’re reading this and you’re tired of living in a body you know could look a lot better, if you struggle to decide what clothes will best hide your “out of shapeness”, if you’re constantly fighting a losing battle with food, if you exercise but never see “results” and quite simply, are totally fed up with how you look – then pay close attention.

Today you have ALL the ingredients you need to get the body you deserve! 

Let me explain…

You see, no one wakes up one day and magically pushes the “change my body” button and poof…shazam, the miraculous process of transformation takes place overnight.

But what does happen, is that life events come together in a way that jump-start your transformation. The “change switch” is flicked ON and the chain reaction begins.   In fact, you’ll find these changes fuel themselves and without “trying” – your metabolism is racing, you’re firing on all cylinders and your body keeps changing right before your eyes.

The problem is, most people miss this passing window of opportunity to make dramatic change possible.

Don’t be one of them!

Maybe once upon a time you were a gym freak, working out 3 times a day, doing classes and weight programs….but that was then and now you’ve just hit 40, you’ve had 3 children and suddenly you realize, the body you once had is long gone….well to be honest, you don’t recognize it (fill in the uncomfortable details aka cellulite, sagging and flabbiness).

Maybe you’re in pretty good shape for your age but just can’t get lean!  And you are not prepared to accept “good” – you want “great”!  But no matter what you do, or how well you eat, you have a soft pudgy layer of body fat that won’t budge.

Or maybe you are like many women I know, who has allowed that extra glass of wine at night to creep in, one has become two or even three or more.  And despite working out and eating “OK”, you’ve packed on the weight in every place imaginable, back boobs bra fat included!

I share these stories to let you know you are not alone…and to reassure you, if you really, really, really want it – you CAN have your best, ultimate, kick-butt body no matter what your age, fitness level, weight or body type and this can be the first day of your “dream come true” transformation.

As “Your Aussie Transformation Coach” I specialize in “hard cases” – I’ve heard thousands of stories and hundreds of photos, read the heart wrenching details of people’s unsuccessful attempts to change their body – and shared the incredible elation of realizing, “I can do it…no…I AM doing it”!  The scale is dropping, my body is changing, my clothes are looser, I look and feel like a new person – I know it and everyone else can see it!

Right now, I’m going to share with you some of the most powerful insider “behind the scenes” secrets that I’ve discovered are the key to dramatic, lasting, long-term change.

1. Don’t Miss Your Sign Post!


My Uncle once gave me some very wise advice…”Belinda, don’t get so caught up in life, that you miss the sign posts”!

In other words, as we travel along the pathway of our life, from time to time, sign posts appear – trying to point us in the right direction. It could be an opportunity to apply for a new job, an invitation to attend a unique event…or just reading a simple blog post like this…that opens the door to a whole new life changing world you never knew existed.

Think about it…I bet you can remember a few times in your life where an unexpected opportunity changed your life in ways you never could have imagined prior.

Today, if you know deep down you could look and feel a lot better (not only about your body, but your health and happiness), if you have this niggling feeling that it’s time for serious change but you’re not sure what the next step is, if you’re increasingly uncomfortable with the status quo of your life – then LISTEN!

These are not just random thoughts or feelings; it’s your intuition telling you NOW is the right time to change.  Even if you’ve failed in the past, if you seize the moment when the signpost presents itself, you will succeed.  Why?  Because it’s the right time, it’s YOUR time.

2. Channel Your Desire


Once you’ve recognized your “sign post” now you need to channel your desire to change.

Life has so many distractions, pressures, responsibilities and challenges, that even the best intentions fall by the way side.  Don’t let this happen.  Focus intently on your new path, remind yourself daily of why you want this.   Don’t get side tracked, distracted or discouraged.  Keep your eyes on the signpost and keep putting one foot after the other in your new direction.

3. Harness Your Energy


Once you’ve started down your new path harness the inspiration and energy that your new beginning brings.   Stop playing the victim or martyr and allowing everyone around you to dictate how you feel and what choices you make. Wake up every day and put your absolute best energy into you – your food prep, your workouts, your healthy choices.

Don’t allow energy vampires to suck away your time and effort, wasting it on thoughts, activities and people that never give anything of real value back to you.   Be ruthless!  It’s OK to put yourself first.  A fitter, stronger, healthier, leaner and happier you means everyone in your life benefits.

4. Face Your Fears 


At this point, I often find people’s fears get the better of them.  They see the sign post, they harness their energy for change but suddenly all the old doubts and fears come back..

“I’m excited but nervous and afraid of change”

“I’ve tried (many times) before and failed”

“I’m not worth it”

 “I don’t have the time, I can’t afford it, I don’t deserve it”……

“What if I really do achieve my goals??!”

Fear, doubt and uncertainty are completely normal.  But that doesn’t mean you have to allow them to dominate your thinking.  When the voice of doubt and fear comes along, let the thoughts go…..let them float away, pass through your mind and drift off into the distance.  Don’t hang onto them, don’t allow them to take hold by mulling over in your mind, feeding them with negative emotions and wasting your precious life energy.

Re-focus back on channeling your positive desire for change.  Consciously choose what thoughts to focus on, past fears and uncertainties are NOT going to dictate how you feel today and what actions you are taking. You know why you want this, you know you’re worth it, and you’re prepared to do whatever it takes.

5. Accept Delayed Gratification


Here’s the biggie.

You can’t have your cake and eat it (no pun intended).  Well, that’s not quite true, you can still enjoy your favorite treats, but in moderation and at the right time :)

More to the point, you have to be prepared to delay gratifying your physical and emotional desires for the reward of the body you want in the future.

When you feel like sleeping in or eating chocolate cake or chips – you simply say “No, I am not going to let my body dictate to me, I am not going to give in to short term emotional wants – if I sacrifice this short term gratification now I will enjoy the sweet reward of my best ever body in the future”.   You will get the pleasure or your ultimate body and it will feel far more deeply satisfying and longer lasting than a sleep in or bar of chocolate ever will!

6. Change Your Day


If you only take one thing away today….take this.  Getting the body you want is not about huge change, hard change, dramatic change – it’s about making small, incremental changes consistently.  Read that again!

Small.  Incremental. Consistent.

Read this and let the truth of it soak deep into your soul.

Change your day, change your body, change your life….

The most stunning success stories happened through simply living “one successful day at a time”.

Stop seeing the huge mountain of change before you and feeling anxious thinking “can I do it”?

Just start with one simple change for the better today.  And tomorrow, you do it again.  And the next day, again and before you know it a week has gone by and you haven’t had those two glasses of wine at night, you’re waking up feeling full of energy and actually want to work out – in fact, you’re loving it!   You step on the scale and to your amazement, it’s moved down for the first time a long, long while – and you can actually do up your “skinny” jeans.

Guess what?  You’re on the fast track to the transformation you’ve always dreamed of!

If you’ve shared this little blog journey with me..then by now you’ll know, the first step today is simply – don’t miss the signpost!  This is your signpost lol!

Click Here to Begin YOUR Transformation Today <—


Before I sign off, I want to leave this thought with you…I recently turned 50 – 50 years old!  Yet I’m living in the best body of my life.  It didn’t happen through a magic bullet or quick fix – it just happened step by step over time as I kept coming back to these six simple transformational secrets.  If they worked for me having never exercised in my life until my late 30’s and living on a diet of sugar, fat and junk – then they’ll work for you.  Don’t let life pass you by, you deserve more than “average” or “OK” – you deserve the best that life has to offer, and I’m here to help you make it happen.

Bel xo

P.S. Questions or comments?  I love hearing from you so please post below!

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