Adelle’s Inspiring Photoshoot Transformation

by Belinda on December 1, 2012

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Hi Everyone!

Sometimes a transformation is so complete, so dramatic, so life-changing – that it deserves to be shared. I hope you are inspired by Adelle’s journey – never give up on believing you can achieve your dreams…for your body, for yourself, for your life. Bel

From the desk of Adelle……

My journey began back at the beginning of 2011 when I stumbled across an online trainer that was recommended by a good friend of mine Justine Switalla.

Justine is an amazing fitness model who is a true inspiration to me.

I opened up the link to Belinda Benn’s Get Lean page and read the story of her journey from an overweight and unhappy 38yr old to inspirational fitness model. Her story really resonated with me. I was unaware at the time that Belinda’s story would have such a big impact on my life to come.


I had been living a typical single girls lifestyle of binge drinking and eating what I wanted. I didn’t really understand much about nutrition and even though I was going to the gym a few times a week didn’t really know what I was doing when it came to weight training. Even though I was only a size 8 and to others my body probably seemed perfect I was miserably unhappy and obsessed with my cellulite thighs. I would look in the mirror every morning and want to cry. I didn’t have the confidence to wear anything short and it was affecting my life.

I started to read several online fitness blogs and researched ways in which I could help my legs. I had spent thousands of dollars on beauty treatments and didn’t get any results so I knew it was time to make a lifestyle change.
I signed up to Belinda’s ‘Get Lean’ program and it was the start of a two year journey for me.

I started to follow the Get Lean training program online and quickly started to get results. My confidence in training was growing and my strength was building.

I was lucky enough to meet Belinda at a female training and nutrition seminar I attended in Melbourne with Justine Switalla and another amazing fitness inspiration Kat Loterzo.

After attending the seminar I decided to set myself a few goals to get in the best shape possible for my up and coming 35th birthday which I was heading to Las Vegas for. I wanted to have a fit and healthy body to flaunt at the pool party’s. I also had the seed planted to set a goal to do a photo shoot. I set about my mission with firstly giving up drinking and cleaning up my diet. With my regular resistance weight training sessions and healthy life style I noticed a big change. June soon came around and I was in much better shape but still I was unhappy on the inside. No matter how many people told me I had a great body I was still unhappy on the inside and obsessed with my cellulite.

My holiday in America with my best friend was amazing and we had a lot of special moments together. But like after most holidays I found I had lost my motivation for training and the rest of 2011 seemed to just slip by. I also did not succeed in doing a fitness photo shoot I had set in my goals.

I continued to read a lot of blogs and research fitness nutrition and cellulite reduction. I had read articles by Charles Poliquin and was intrigued about his Bio Signature testing, so I booked myself in to have a consultation with another amazing fitness inspiration Penny Lomas. Penny is an amazing trainer who really focuses on the mind/body connection. Penny made me realize that until I was truly happy within myself and loved myself for who I was I would never rid my legs of cellulite.

I started following a more structured paleo based diet and had weekly training sessions with Penny. I also started my own journal where I focused on gratitude and positive thinking. During this time I went to Hawaii on holiday and stumbled across an amazing psychic who really set me on the right path. After doing 10 days of crystal energy healing I came home with a much calmer mind and better sense of self love.

In July I had another Bio Signature session with Penny and decided I wanted to train towards the goal of doing a photo shoot before the end of the year. I was seeing her once a week and following a weight training program she had set for me. Slowly and surely my body was starting to take shape. With a clean eating diet and focused mindset I really started to notice a difference in my body and my self confidence was growing.

I decided to book in a shoot for the beginning of December. I spent 6wks really focusing on training and nutrition. The day of the photo shoot was a mix of emotions I had never experienced. I was nervous, excited and grateful all rolled in to one. I was so out of my comfort zone but I was feeling so proud. Stepping in front of the camera for the first time I felt surprisingly comfortable. Seeing my best friend shed a tear when she saw the first shots that were taken made me realize I was a very lucky girl that I had managed to turn my life around. I was very lucky I had these amazing role models to help me on my journey of self discovery.



The shoot was fun, exciting and extremely rewarding. I got some amazing shots and feel very blessed that I stepped out of my comfort zone and gave it a go.

Anything is possible if you have the desire, determination and drive! There are so many amazing people out there that are willing to help so seek out the right advise and truly believe in yourself. Surround yourself with beautiful loving like minded people who believe in your dream and anything is possible. Thank you to Belinda Benn, Justine Switalla, Penny Lomas, my best friend Sonja Courtis and all the other amazing friends and family in my life for your on going love and support on my journey.

Adelle xoxo

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