Being Healthy, Looking Fabulous, Feeling Amazing

by Belinda on April 14, 2011

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Being Healthy:

What does “healthy” mean to you?

Is it just a lack of sickness, or is there more to it?

When you wake up in the morning, are you thankful that aches and pains are few; or do you expect to start your day off running – pain free and full of energy and anticipation for the day.

Do you simply hope that the next meal will not result in heartburn or digestive problems; or do you expect that the delicious and nutritious food you treat your body with is going to allow you to think clearly and see all of life’s ups and downs as just that – ups and downs and part of this amazing journey of life that you’re on.

Do you want that reflection you see in the mirror to be a picture of health: clear and vibrant skin, strong and shiny hair, clear eyes, toned muscles supporting your bones, ligaments and skin, and a smile that lights up a room?

All of that begins on the inside – from the food you eat to the thoughts you think. Yes, you are what you eat; but you are also what you think!

Take Action: Write down 10 things that you are grateful for – anything from being alive, to hot coffee…it’s up to you.

Looking Fabulous:

Is it time for a little makeover?

Most people wait to make any changes to their hair, makeup or clothing until “after” something…after they’ve lost some weight, after they finished their degree, after-after-after!

Why is that? Why can’t you start looking fabulous right now…today? Why not start your transformation today by treating yourself to something special?

Here are just a few quick suggestions – but you can do anything you’d like:

  • Have your brows waxed
  • Get a hair cut
  • Update your hair color
  • Invest in a really good shampoo and conditioner
  • Go through your closet and get rid of at least 5 things that you don’t wear, or more likely, you shouldn’t be wearing! Come on, you know exactly what I mean…yes THAT article of clothing – OUT!

Feeling Amazing:

When was the last time that you purchased some sexy lingerie?

Now, it doesn’t have to be “trashy” (although – it could be!)

I’m talking about something special that feels great against your skin. It could be a new bra that is much more than “functional”, or a pair of panties that do not double as a parachute. How about a silky camisole to wear to bed?

And how do you “feel” in the skin department. Get in the habit of applying a great lotion to your skin after your shower in the morning and before you go to bed. Add a little bit of essential oil to your lotion for a special scent and a little pampering.

Go ahead – you’re worth it!

Let me know what little thing you did today that made you feel Healthy, Fabulous and Amazing!

Until Next Time…


Your Aussie Transformation Coach


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