Breakthrough Interview: Marny Gilluly, Female Aerobatic Pilot

by Belinda on October 9, 2011

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Why do I love hearing from you?  Because YOUR experiences inspire ME!

I am constantly amazed and humbled by your stories.  And today, I want to share a powerful and inspiring interview that I did last week with one of my Get Leaners.

A little while back I received an email from Marny Gilluly wanting to purchase the next Get Lean Workout Program.

Anyway, Marny mentioned in her email that she liked to fly and I replied that I would “love to see some pics”.  She wrote back:

“I promise to send you a picture or two of the flying.  I have pictures with an F-15 I was lucky enough to fly.  I pulled 8.6 Gs, and the jet is maxed out at 9.0.  I attribute that and the super Blue Angels flight (I got to fly the plane during aerobatic maneuvers and didn’t pass out) to my muscle mass, good conditioning and history of marathon training.  I’ve also been able to fly in a number of very cool war birds (old airplanes such as the P 51 Mustang).

Not bad for turning 62 today.  It’s all in the mind.  I’m convinced that one is only as old…or as young…as one wants to be”.

 It just got better when Marny sent through her pics – I just about fell off my chair!


Apart from Marny obviously being incredibly special – this is also a very special interview because for the very first time, I am in the interviewing chair lol!   As you will hear I get a little carried away and almost forget that it’s an interview because I was so drawn in by Marny’s story!! Hahaha, that’s how passionate I am about you guys.

If you ever needed an example of how there are no excuses listen to this!


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Take-Aways From Marny’s Story


  • Marny did whatever it took to realize her dreams, she made the sacrifices, she was patient and kept her eye on the prize, she didn’t pay attention to the stereotypes around her or the people who tried to pull her down along the way.  No matter what, she kept believing in herself.

  • She dealt with tragedy and grief by digging deep and resolving to breakthrough new horizons in her life.  This led to exponential personal growth way beyond how things might have been otherwise.

  • Marny has kept raising the bar as the years have gone by – not lowering it!

  • She values herself enough to always make time for what’s important to her – physically, mentally and emotionally.  This has kept her young, inside and out.

  • Despite her incredible achievements, Marny is extremely humble, generous and kind.  This kind of spirit attracts all the goodness of life to bring a deep sense of personal peace and happiness.


Some final words from Marny:

“Women can take the road less traveled. What I’ve learned from life is that it is important to have high ideals and values. Treat every person with the utmost respect and kindness. Respect and honor each person’s differences. Dream the biggest dreams, and strive to achieve them.”

Thank you again Marny for sharing your unique and powerful story with us!

Everyone, if you enjoyed this blog and interview as much as I did please say “thank you” by leaving us a comment below!

Remember, it’s never too late and don’t let anyone tell you – you can’t!


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