How Susan Lost 24kgs: Never Say Never

by Belinda on February 5, 2017

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Hi, my name is Susan. I was born in the UK and live in Wellington, New Zealand.

All my life I’d promised myself I would never be “fat and 40″. 

But last year when I turned 44 I weighed more than I ever had (after a lifetime of being overweight)….



I’d Tried “Everything”!


I’d tried crazy month long detox plans, lost heaps of weight and put it straight back on after.

I’ve tried calorie restriction (just awful).

Low fat plans….

I used a weight watchers app spending so much time reading nutrient values on foods, working out points to find out a sandwich will be ¾ of your daily points!

Joined gyms at huge expense, training plans that had no effect at all, it was all about slogging yourself to death on a machine for an hour every day.

The list goes on….

Looking back everything I’ve tried before has been focused on restriction and you’re setting yourself up to fail with this kind of mentality, it’s like a punishment for being overweight.

Even though I’ve lost weight following different plans in the past I never felt happy about it (only realising this now I’m on Get Lean).

Yes, the clothes size reduced and overall I looked better but now I know why I never maintained – I never felt good on the inside.

I was never actually healthy, my mindset was not changed, all the old habits were never broken and replaced with new habits that would help sustain the weight loss more like put on hold until you’d had enough of torturing yourself with restriction.

My Turning Point…..


Last year, things reached a crisis point.

I was missing my family back home and adjusting to life in New Zealand…when my partner had to go away for work for 3 months.

After saying goodbye at the airport I drove home, got out the tissues for a good cry and grabbed a coke and chippies….

At that particular moment, I felt out of control emotionally.

I knew it was a dangerous place I was in, sitting there binging on junk food.

It really was a now or never feeling….

I made a decision that day to…just STOP thinking about making a change and actually DO IT.

I signed up to Get Lean and I’ve never looked back!

What Have I Stopped Doing?


Literally everything I did before lol.

From day one I followed the 90 Day Eating Plan (minus the protein shake at first), I read and read and listened to Belinda’s blogs about different topics – comfort eating, post-40 weight losshormones, sugartruth about alcohol, good pain v bad pain (ha ha loved this one) listened to all Belinda’s Facebook Live Shows.

Basically I absorbed all this information I suppose like going on a training course but even without all the information I started to feel different around day 2 which was so quick, I had more energy, no afternoon slump so I didn’t have any cravings and yearnings to cheat on the plan.

This has never happened before – I have not had one piece of chocolate, one chippie or lollie or fizzy drink since August 22nd 2016 and haven’t cared to….AMAZING!

What Am I Enjoying Now (That I Didn’t Before)?


Dressing in the morning, shopping for clothes, wearing less makeup i.e. I don’t need camouflage to go out. Cooking and exercising, feeling muscle burn lol, I’m smiling as I write this thinking who is this person :)r

My Journey To Freedom


I’ve radically changed how I think about myself, my nutrition and exercise. 

I see how these enhance my life and wellbeing and I don’t see them as a punishment, something you have to do because you’re overweight.

I’m kind to myself and turn negative thoughts into positive.

I don’t focus on things that go wrong, I focus on what I am going to do to make it better.

The way I think now makes me feel great, my smile reaches my eyes and that transforms the way I look.

  • I’m now 24 kgs lighter, all achieved in such a quick time (5 months).
  • I was a Size 18 and now fitting into Size 12.

I’ve tried to think back to the last time I was a Size 12 and it’s difficult to remember, I would say about 24 years ago! imagespace

imagespace susancombocorrect


Astonishing what you can achieve with the right information and plan to follow, sheer determination and excellent support from my Get Lean Coach Maree.

I’ve never been this fit or healthy EVER no matter what size I’ve been.

I’ve never been toned and had muscle definition – it’s an amazing feeling and worth all the hard work.

What’s Been My Secret To Success?


Don’t give up on yourself, you can make the change.

Trust in the Get Lean Program and take one day at a time.

It works because it’s designed for women like us. Belinda understands because she also transformed her body post-40.

Be patient, this is not a quick fix, this is about making positive changes that will last a lifetime – we have a saying at home, this is not a sprint it’s a marathon!

Most of all, become your own best friend, be kind to yourself, you’ll achieve so much if you are supporting yourself, give yourself a pat on the back each day because you’re going to succeed.

You CAN do this!




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