How to decode those little stickers on fruits and veggies….

by Belinda on February 8, 2013

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Did you know that the sticker on your fruits and vegetables not only tells you what brand you are buying, but also whether that item is organic or contains harmful pesticides?

The truth is, food and water is really NOT as clean as it should be, and really NOT as safe as how the food corporations, the FDA/TGA and the Government say it is. When I learn something new that improves my quality of life, I feel compelled to share it with you. Yes, there’s stuff on the Internet and that’s good. But it’s easy to get “information overload” and how do you sift through the rubbish?

To make your life easier and healthier, an old friend of mine Anthony Alayon (writer for natural muscle magazine, contributor to and labrada nutrition) has put together his 101 Toxic Food Ingredients Special Report.

You may think you already screen the food you buy very closely, being health and weight conscious.  But there are common traps people who think they are eating healthy can fall into in terms of toxic food additives. Anthony covers all this plus a ton of useful information in our 20-minute enlightening, educational and entertaining interview.


At the link below, Anthony’s got a great info-graphic that shows you  how to decode those little stickers on fruits and veggies and know whether your apple is contaminated or not.  Just follow the links to find out more about his program – enjoy and please share!

==> An Apple a Day Does NOT Keep The Doctor Away <<<  

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