Solving the Hormone, Fat Loss and Fitness Puzzle (No Matter What Your Age)

by Belinda on October 17, 2016

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Over the last 10 years I’ve helped tens of thousands of women look and feel amazing.

  • Many felt like giving up.
  • Many felt like their best years were behind them.
  • Many felt like they were too far gone…..

Yet despite their fears, insecurities and doubts – they transformed from being unhappy, overweight and unfit to being lean, strong and sexy.

No matter what their age.

Here’s the thing.

Like it or not, your body does change.

From your 30’s to your 50’s your hormones and lifestyle will dictate how you look and feel.

Yes, you’ll notice more cellulite. Yes, you’ll start gaining tummy fat and yes, you may lose your “mojo”

But this doesn’t mean you can’t turn things around to look and feel great again.

I should know.

In my 30’s I was overweight and riddled with cellulite. I’d never exercised (ever) and lived on sugar. Despite feeling like it was too late and that my body was too far gone….

In my 40’s I dramatically transformed to become an international fitness model and…

Today at 52 I’m helping other women achieve their ultimate body just like I did.


The women I coach understand what to expect through each decade of their lives – and what to do.

And you can too.

It’s never too late.

Let me show you how.

Your 30’s


“Letting Go Of The 20’s Lifestyle”


For most of us…one way or another your 30’s thrusts you into full adulthood.

Your career intensifies, you meet Mr. (or Ms.) Right or you may even have your first baby.

All these changes mean responsibility.


We still want to live the lifestyle of our 20’s; drink, socialize, party, eat pizza, ice-cream and stay up late.

“Hey Bel, I need your help. I had my first baby two years ago and no matter what I do I can’t seem to lose the weight. I tried eating better but my cellulite is getting WORSE. Last summer I was too embarrassed to wear shorts. I have lots of social events that makes it hard to stick to my diet…I don’t know what to do.”

What’s Going On?


  1. Your body is now less forgiving of junk food, sugar and alcohol

You can’t eat and drink like when you were in your 20’s. You especially can’t drink like the men in your life…or keep up with the “rounds” or shots.

  1. Career and family demands means a less active lifestyle

So you burn fewer calories and start to lose muscle tone… causing cellulite to get worse.

Your body feels softer.

You look in the mirror and are surprised (or shocked)…“where did my body go?”

  1. Life is now more stressful

Your career, life responsibilities and having children lead to high stress levels.

This disrupts your hormones causing you to gain weight around the tummy.

Eventually you relent and buy the next size up…

How To Turn Things Around


This is all about managing your lifestyle.

You’re not yet being held to ransom by the hormonal and metabolic changes that happen closer to 40 (keep reading for those).

So it’s time to make some changes…and position yourself to approach 40 looking sexy, young and fit.

  1. Avoid fad diets and quick fix solutions; they only lead to roller coaster of weight loss and rebound gain.

Stop eating fast food and start cooking more. Reduce sugar. Cut out the energy drinks and stop drinking so much. Instead focus on healthy whole food eating habits that are sustainable long term.

(Good Article: The Truth About Carbs)

  1. Don’t burn the candle at both ends.

Have less “Big Nights Out” and get to bed earlier. Take time out each week to relax and de-stress. Train hard but make sure you balance it with recovery time (stretching or yoga).

  1. Do workouts that burn body fat, combat muscle atrophy and get rid of cellulite – especially in the female trouble zones like the butt and legs.

This doesn’t mean your old school weight or gym training. It’s time to rethink. You need female specific workouts that can be done at home in 30 minutes or less. Regular, shorter workouts are the secret.

Your Key To Happiness: Accept and be comfortable with who you are. Be your own person and start making decisions based on what’s most important to YOU.


Your 40’s


“What’s For Dinner?”


Our 40’s often become all about food. For many reasons….

Life is busy.

The kids are older and more demanding.

You stay back late to meet a deadline yet find yourself on the phone answering questions about what’s for dinner.

But not only that….

Your mind is on food.

You’re more aware of what you’re eating (and may generally eat healthy) but on the other hand food has become the way you relax and de-stress…..

(Otherwise known as “comfort eating”.)

And you’re starting to feel “old”.

Everything feels harder – and you just don’t have the energy you used to.

“Hi Bel, I just turned 40 and I feel like I’ve gained 10kgs overnight!!?? I used to be in good shape. I eat well most of the time but the weight just won’t shift. I try to get to the gym but always feel so exhausted. My husband says I look OK but I feel like crap. I’m starting to panic lol…”

What’s Going On?


  1. You have less control over your lifestyle

It’s a lot harder now to make time for yourself. Your day is all about meeting other people’s needs; at work and at home.

Family, work pressures, social and financial pressures mean you tend to eat and drink more as a way to soothe the stress. Especially when you’re “off the leash”.

Feeling desperate you try fad diets or crazy bootcamps. But you find it hard to be consistent.

  1. Your self-confidence is challenged.

Maybe you’re being overlooked at work, not valued or have a younger boss.

You start to doubt your attractiveness despite assurances…. You notice more wrinkles, an odd grey hair and certain body parts start to…sag.

Yup, things just aren’t as perky anymore (and you definitely don’t feel perky!)

  1. Your hormones are changing.

This is the biggie and the one most women miss.

Behind the scenes, your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels are declining.

  • Your metabolism is slowing so you can’t eat the same way and maintain your weight.
  • Your energy drops so you can’t exercise like you used to.
  • It takes longer to bounce back from illness, injuries, late nights and stressful events.
  • You may notice odd aches and pains for the first time.

And there’s the belly-fat.

Dropping estrogen means weight gain around the waist…..

And when combined with those extra drinks to take the edge of a long day you’ve suddenly gone two sizes up in your trousers….and wonder why.

How To Turn Things Around


The secret is to control the things you can…and let go of the guilt and self-blame.

  1. Become more aware of your eating.

You know what to eat and how – so it’s time to get serious.

When your partner says, “let’s just get pizza” have healthy options in the house.

Cut out the sugary, salty, high fat snacks.

Skip that glass of wine every night to “take the edge off the day”. Limit alcohol to 1-2 glasses on the weekend. Practice saying “no” or even have an “alcohol free” month.

Set some goals and have a plan to follow so you stay on track.

You can no longer “wing it” and win.

(Good Article: The Truth About Alcohol)

  1. Combat Your Declining Hormones Naturally
  • Eat more Omega 3 foods like fish, nuts and seeds. 
  • Incorporate phytoestrogens like soya, red maca, lentils and chickpeas, flaxseed, which have hormone-balancing properties. 
  • Include a multi vitamin and mineral (with extra magnesium and calcium).

(Good Article: Crazy Post 40 Hormones).

  1. Exercise smarter not harder.

When you start to gain “hormonal weight” women either do one of two things.

Give up.

Or start exercising harder and harder…and harder – until they are mentally and physically exhausted. Don’t be like this.

The secret is balance.

Over exercising will slow your metabolism making weight loss close to impossible and wearing your body out prematurely.

Crossfit, heavy weights, Bootcamps and long distance running won’t work as well as they have in the past.

You need female-friendly workouts that reduce fat while building lean muscle mass.

Because the more lean muscle mass you have – the more calories you burn (even when you’re not working out).

Do short (30 minute) muscle activating routines that specifically target the female troubles zones; the tummy, bra fat, your hips, inner and outer thigh, butt and legs.

Even if you’ve never exercised before you CAN do this.

And even if you’re an experienced or advanced athlete you need to rethink your training.

(Good Example Workouts: Easier or Harder).

Your Key To Happiness: Be grateful for all the good things in your life and use that positive energy to focus on healthy changes.


Your 50’s


“Everything is NOT OK!”


After 5 decades on this planet you’d think we’d have things worked out…..

But peri-menopuase suddenly turns life upside down.

Yes it comes as a rude shock.

After all, we’re in the midst of our career, we might finally have the kids off our hands and life should be looking up.

So there’s pressure to pretend everything’s “OK”… at work and at home.

“Hi Bel, I’ve and eaten well and exercised most of my life…I’ve always maintained a healthy weight but since turning 50 I’m craving carbs like crazy, I have zero energy and have lost my zing. I never sleep through the night, forget about sex and the harder I try, the harder everything feels…I’m feeling really down and don’t know what to do.”

What’s Going On?


  1. Your Hormones Are Having Their Last Hurrah.

Dramatic hormonal changes affect each woman differently: weight gain, low energy, poor sleep, low moods, irritable digestion and brain fog.

For many women it’s like puberty in reverse.

  • You feel out of sorts, emotional, stressed and anxious.
  • Little things bother you way more than they used to.
  • You feel overwhelmed with everyday tasks.
  • You may not be performing or coping at work.
  1. Stubborn Weight Gain

Dropping estrogen leads to carb cravings and weight gain (especially in the lower body and tummy). You just look at bread and gain two pounds.

You lack the energy to exercise like you used to.

And your metabolism feels like it’s ground to a halt.

  1. More Health Issues

The turmoil of your hormones exacerbates existing health issues and underlying conditions may reveal themselves for the first time.

(No wonder you feel like the wheels are falling off!)

How To Turn Things Around


It’s time to put yourself at the top of the list. You’ve earned that and deserve that.

No more running yourself ragged.

No more unrealistic pressures or expectations.

No more ignoring niggling health problems.

  1. Your Health & Wellbeing Comes First.

Transition to more enjoyable work and seek more support from your family.

  • Get help with your hormones (at a minimum get baseline blood tests done).
  • Get counseling for problems (habits, addictions, mental or emotional challenges).
  • And keep up to date with your health checks: mammogram, bone density, pap smear, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  1. Be Gentle On Yourself

This is NOT the time for strict diets and high-intensity workout programs.

Avoid extremes and focus on consistency.

You need a gentle and sustainable program that enhances your quality of life. Not one that stresses and exhausts you.

Get more rest, make time to relax – you will recapture your mojo.

You will come through this – but you need to give yourself time and space.

  1. Seek Balance In Everything
  • Plan your week and pace yourself. Don’t overcommit.
  • Set small, achievable goals.
  • Focus on feeling good and the rest will follow.

Key To Happiness: Remind yourself you are resilient. Think about the challenges you’ve overcome so far. Don’t give up – you will bounce back.


Here’s The Bottom Line


YES, your body will change through each decade of your life.

YES, your hormones will change.

And YES life will throw you curve balls.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t look and feel GREAT.

It all begins with taking responsibility for your own happiness.

Don’t get “stuck” feeling miserable because of other people, making excuses or looking to blame. 

Be grateful (there’s always someone else worse off)!

And here’s the big one….

Focus on what you CAN change.

Here’s The Good News


Change is not nearly as hard or as difficult as you might feel it is right now.

Thousands of women I’ve coached have been surprised to discover…

That one small step in the right direction begins the ripple effect of positive change.

You start believing you CAN do this.

You start seeing positive results on a daily basis.

And before you know it, things have dramatically improved for the better.

Just by taking that first step.

So Here’s What To Do Next


Take a moment to think about where you’re at and where you want to be.

Set some goals and plan ahead so you can start making good life choices.

If you need help, you’re not alone.

Everyday I coach thousands of thousands of women from around the world through my Get Lean Program.

Each woman receives personalized and caring support.

I’ll take you by the hand and walk you step by step so you can lose weight, get rid of cellulite and build lean, body-toning muscle — in a healthy and sustainable way.

No matter what your starting point.

No matter what your age.

You deserve the best that life has to offer and I’m here to help you make it happen.

You can feel and look great again, make peace with your body and find happiness.

Read more about the Get Lean Program Here <<

(and see results of women just like you….)


If you have any questions please post them below (I always LOVE hearing from you).

And before you leave PLEASE go back over this article now and make some notes about what you are going to do differently starting tomorrow!

Bel xo




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Carol March 4, 2018 at 10:59 am

Hi Belinda, I am just starting to read articles on your website and I believe I have finally found the answers to questions I have been asking for decades. I am excited about starting your program. Here is my question. Do you have information geared for men? Both my husband and I are in our 50’s and overweight. My husband is suffering from weight related health issues. We both know it is time to make changes…. and we want to. He is more successful with a program if he can do it with me. Self discipline is not his strong suit. I love learning about the unique issues that face me as a woman because it really helps to encourage me and take away the guilt. But I am wondering, can my husband do this program? Where can he go to get that information about men’s unique biological makeup? Thanks, Carol


Belinda March 4, 2018 at 1:48 pm

Hi Carol! I am excited for you :) The program is specifically for women 40 plus however many husbands have followed the eating plan (especially the dinners) with their wives and lost weight also. If you’d like to learn more and find out how my program can help you please book a call with me here Look forward to talking with you soon! Bel XO


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