Sinfully Healthy Food & Travels Beyond the Blue to Oz & Kiwiland!

by Belinda on November 8, 2012

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My alarm clock goes off at 5am almost every morning.  It’s dark, it’s cold…and very quiet.   But I tell myself, “Be Strong Belinda”. So I get up, make a cup of English Breakfast tea and sit down at my computer to do some writing, tend to my Aussie Transformation Coach members , answer emails and occasionally write a blog.  OK, OK, I know I’ve been slacking on the blog posts and you guys have been asking “what’s happening”??  So here’s the update and  I’m giving it to you in picture book style!

The last 5 weeks I’ve been in Australia and New Zealand.  Yep, 4 plane flights and a total of around 28 hours in transit.  And that’s just one way.

Staying fit and eating well while on the road had it’s challenges but it was the simple things that kept me on track:

1. Exercised early every morning without fail.

I started doing uphill running for the first time in my life.  I was shocked how effective it was for firing up my metabolism.

2. Used playgrounds to get in my training sessions.

I was so inspired, we even filmed a Playground Workout Program to be released next year.

3. Bought local fresh foods and learned to cook new things in new ways.

Discovered how awesome the outdoor grill/BBQ can be for healthy cooking.

4. Enjoyed special treats – but in moderation (which included some amazing biodynamic red wine)!


Here’s a few of the highlights…..

Some yummy discoveries in Adelaide Central Market.

Long lunch with my brother looking over Brighton Beach Adelaide.

My special friend Thora Klein cooking us organic pizzas and fresh berry sorbet with her amazing Thermomix Machine (video to come).


Fresh, 3 Ingredient Sorbet!

And an interview with Erinn, Thora’s brother on NGERINGA his biodynamic wine estate (video to come).

Ultimate Body Workshop in Wellington (huge thank you to Lotty).

Zen time in Paihia, North Island of NZ. View from the spa bath I enjoyed every single day (and night lol).

Working out on the balcony.

Enjoying my dream lipped mussels…(not muscles lol!)…

Gave myself a gift of traditional Maori green stone. A Whale Tail which symbolizes Strength, Intelligence and Affinity with the Sea.

I believe there are times in life we should take a moment to recognize how far we’ve come by doing something symbolic.  For me, this trip was one of those times, and this is my symbol.  The other fern style green stone I bought 5 years ago on my last trip back to NZ and it symbolizes new beginnings (that was the start of my new journey into making my passion for fitness my business).

While in NZ I also met up with my eccentric Uncle Peter.  He taught me a few years ago that life is full of “sign posts”…trying to point us in the right direction.  It’s very easy to get caught up in every day life and miss these signposts from the higher forces of the universe.  So I started watching out for them!  And sure enough, every now and again, a sign post would pop up saying “go this way”….and sure enough, when I did, life unfolded in the most amazing way, bringing new opportunities that I could have never imagined and never experienced had I stayed on “my safe path”.

So, if you take nothing away from this blog today other than starting to pay attention to the sign posts in your life, then you’ve done a wise thing!

Lastly, guess what?  I have a new baby. Well, not a real life baby…but a new cyber baby, my new product launching on the 19th of November, Sinfully Healthy Food.  I’ll be back in touch about this next week but for now here’s a sneak peek…..

PS. Since this blog post Sinfully Healthy is now LIVE! <—- Check out the scrumptious recipes here!

You are going to be blown away by these cookbooks….and my new 21-Day Fat Burning Accelerator Program.  So stay tuned for more information about how you can get your hot little hands on these….

And lastly, you know I love hearing from you, so any comments please post below….now I’m off to make another cup of tea!


P.S. Make your resolutions BEFORE the New Year is here – Get Lean!

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Michelle December 20, 2012 at 5:00 am

Hi Belinda

Just wondering if your new cookbooks (which look fabulous by the way) are vegetarian/vegan friendly. I’m currently lacto-ovo vegetarian but heading towards vegan and wondered if there were substitutions in the books that would cater to that.

Also I’m probably going to order your Get Lean programme for my new years gift to myself and the same question applies really – does your programme explain vegetarian/vegan diets for body sculpting and what to eat and when?

Plus, to get ready, I’m asking for Christmas presents in the form of exercise equipment that I will need for your programme and I think it’s – a bench (does it need incline/decline?), a ball, a mat, a step, and dumbbells.. Is that all I need and what weight dumbbells should I get? – I’ve found these cool ones that you just slide this thing across and it changes the weight so you don’t need heaps of different sizes as storage space is limited in the garage where I will be working out, and they seem like a good idea if you use different weights in a circuit, so what might be the maximum weight you think I would need as they come in different weights and I want to get something that I will grow into.

Many thanks and I can’t wait to start toning up – I’ve always been afraid of weights as I had a fear of getting really big legs (they are already big but fat big!) and I thought weights would just make bigger muscle under big fat!!!

Hours of running hasn’t done a thing so what have I got to lose right :) Plus I now understand I was eating badly (even as a vegetarian – not enough protein and lots of processed junk) and thats a huge component so i’m sure once I clean that up I’ll start to see a big difference.

Many thanks and have a wonderful Christmas


Belinda December 22, 2012 at 7:23 am

Hi Michelle! Great to hear from you – I love your energy and enthusiasm. I have a feeling you’re going to achieve great things with my program :)

To answer your questions, the Sinfully Healthy Cookbooks include some vegetarian and dairy free recipes. But I don’t discuss the specific substitutions for adapting the regular recipes to vegetarian.

With Get Lean, I have a special Vegetarian Guide to go with the program, so once you purchase please submit a ticket here: and we’ll get that to you straight away.

In regard to the equipment you need. The program has both bodyweight and resistance training – so you have lots of options for working out at home. The equipment you list is ideal for the resistance workouts and weight wise, 8-10lbs is good as a starting point. If you can get a body bar around 15lbs that will work well also. Please note, you don’t need all that equipment to start as I have several great bodyweight and fusion workouts that only require one set of hand weights.

You’re absolutely spot on re the vegetarian diet, I get heaps of girls coming to me with the same issue and very quickly they find on Get Lean things change for the better. Also ditto on the running. Again, it’s a myth that endurance running can sculpt the body and get you lean. You’ll still be challenging yourself cardio wise but strategically building muscle density to sculpt your body from the inside out.

I can’t wait to see your results!!!!

Belinda xo


Nadège November 16, 2012 at 9:12 am

Hi Belinda.

Your will is impressive: you manage to keep training while you are far away, in another land. It is not easy to keep doing our usual workouts when we are not at home. Well, that’s what I think, but I see here that it is not impossible.
Next time I will be away, I promise I will do my HIIT training as I do it at home !

Bye !



Belinda November 16, 2012 at 9:16 am

Thank you Nadège, it’s not impossible – and soooo worth the effort. It really made the difference to my travels, I felt better, I slept better and actually lost weight! Crazy!
Nice to hear from you again and I hope next time you travel you stay on track with your HIIT – you’ll be glad you did.


Nadège November 16, 2012 at 9:24 am

next time I travel, I willthink about you and your motivation, that will help me 😉




Shelley November 9, 2012 at 1:23 am

Hi Belinda…. Your little baby looks very interesting! Can’t wait to get my hands on them

Shell. :)


Belinda November 9, 2012 at 6:43 am

Hi Shell! Yes…it’s very unique and exciting. I’m putting the final touches on it now and I can’t wait to get this out there so people can get through the holiday season and New Year without guilt while still sticking to their goals!


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