Look Good, Feel Good: Give Your Skin A Little Love

by Belinda on October 12, 2014

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What do you see in the mirror each morning? Dark circles, under eye puffiness, fine lines, tired looking skin? Every face tells a story.  If you listen closely and pay attention you can dramatically improve not just your appearance but your health, happiness and wellbeing.

As women, it’s very easy to focus on our body and what we don’t like – while ignoring what we see in the mirror every day; what our skin is trying to tell us. That is…until one day we wake up and are shocked to realize everything has “suddenly” changed. Of course it’s not suddenly but we’ve only just taken notice. Our lines seem deeper, our face shape is different, our skin isn’t as smooth as it used to be, our eyes and mouth aren’t as firm ….and the list goes on. It’s not nice feeling, at all!

I’ve been there but today at 50 years old I look better than when I was in my 30’s!



Back then I was on the executive fast track. I worked long hours, travelled extensively and “lived to work”. I suffered from horrible rosacea, my face was aging and I had dark puffy circles under my eyes all the time. Ironically, I worked for a big name brand cosmetic corporation – but nothing seemed to help. In fact, things kept getting worse. So I just kept covering everything up with makeup and ignoring the signs that something was very wrong.

Today, maybe you can relate….

  • Maybe you’re a busy Mom who never has time for YOU. Your days are full of taking care of everyone else and any time in the bathroom is for essentials – or cleaning lol. OK, you have a few odd, half used creams and lotions that someone talked you into buying. But you never have time to take care of your skin or body, let alone enjoy a little pampering.
  • Maybe, you’re on the career fast track like I was, days full of meetings, travel, lunches, phone calls – always feeling under pressure to look your best, even though you feel stressed out, tired and run down. Never having any real time to recharge and rest. You avoid looking at your skin and just cover it up with makeup – and get on with it. You wonder about Botox and fillers…yes they’re a quick fix but what about the risks….what if you end up looking worse…?
  • Maybe you do have time for yourself, but you feel like it’s too late. You’ve never bothered so why now? Maybe you just feel so down about yourself that you can’t find the motivation or energy to really care anymore. Or maybe you even feel a little desperate at seeing your youthful looks slip through your fingers at a time when you’ve finally got the freedom to enjoy your life. I’ve been there, hope is not lost!

Today, let’s take a step back and have a good look at your skin. Pull up a chair, make a cup of herbal tea, relax and take this little journey with me.


Your Skin Is A Barometer Of Your Internal Health


What you see in the mirror each morning, is a sign of what’s going on inside at a deeper, cellular level.

Here are just a few of the common signs and symptoms that something isn’t right:

  • Under eye puffiness or dark circles: toxic build up and poor lymphatic system circulation.
  • Rashes, flushing or redness: stress, digestive issues and sensitivities.
  • Thinning skin, sensitive skin or excessive dryness: hormonal imbalances.
  • Blemishes along the jawline and on the neck: hormonal imbalances.
  • Facial sagging: poor nutrient delivery to facial muscles and neuromuscular stimulation.

By addressing the cause of your skin problems (rather than just topically treating the symptoms with expensive creams or covering up with makeup) you’ll not only improve your health but start revealing your natural, youthful beauty.



You see your skin is constantly renewing itself overnight while you sleep. And every 28 days it completely sheds it’s surface layer to reveal new fresh skin cells. This means, what you do today will show up in the mirror tomorrow! You’ve probably experienced this in the negative – for example, after one too many glasses of wine or a very stressful day – you wake up the next day looking like death warmed up lol. But the good news is, if you start caring for your skin with a few simple but naturally nurturing rituals – you can turn things around, literally overnight.


You Love Yourself A Little – Look Good, Feel Good


shutterstock_157449320 copy


Our lifestyle is incredibly frenetic. Everything is vying for our attention. We are mentally and emotionally over stimulated. No wonder we find it so hard to relax, unwind and take time to care for ourselves. No wonder when we look in the mirror we feel like we’ve aged overnight. When was the last time you focused on taking a few minutes to pamper yourself? A sweet body scrub to stimulate your lymphatic system, a gentle facial massage to firm and lift, a homemade facial mask to deeply cleanse, or just a simple pressure point treatment to release facial tension and stress?

These are powerfully simple, loving rituals that you deserve!   This is not about buying another expensive miracle cream or forking out hundreds of dollars for a quick fix on Botox or fillers (putting yourself through the pain and risks just to feel a little better about yourself). No! This is about making time for you; for self-love, self-appreciation and self-care. And when you dedicate a little time to caring for yourself something miraculous happens.….

Suddenly your energy shifts from self-criticismto self-appreciation. And guess what? Your body responds by repairing the damage and renewing your beauty. Our bodies are incredible things. Given a little love and nurturing it’s amazing what they are capable of. I’ve worked with thousands of women who’ve experienced dramatic emotional and physical transformations just by starting to care for skin – because for the first time in their life, they are touching their skin with a caring (instead of critical) touch. And guess what happens next?


Your New Energy & Confidence Flows Out To Positively Influence Those Around You




When we feel confident, attractive, even sexy – we magnetize positive energy and attitudes towards us. I am sure you’ve met “beautiful” women who leave you feeling a little cold. Or on the other hand, you know a mother of three who has a string of admirers (both male and female) simply because she feels good about herself and radiates health and happiness! It’s not rocket science – if you start making time to care for you – those good feelings will flow out and influence those around you, making your world a sweeter place.


Bottom Line


You don’t need more chemically laden creams or expensive, risky injections to feel better about yourself and your skin. Just a few simple lifestyle changes like eating the right foods to balance your hormones, massaging your face for a natural 5-minute facelift or making your own simple cleansing mask with fresh natural ingredients from your fridge, will start the powerful process of overnight renewal. You’ll not only feel more positive and confident because of changes you’re seeing but the simple act of caring for yourself in a loving way will lift your spirits and self-esteem.

If you’d like to discover more about how to lovingly care for your skin and press the rewind button on aging the natural way (plus see before and after photos of women I’ve worked with)…please check out my video below.


100% Natural Solution To Younger Looking Skin <<<


Today, please take a look in the mirror and listen to what your skin is telling you. Make time to care for yourself and your skin. You deserve it and the rewards will go way beyond a younger looking, more beautiful complexion….

Bel xo

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