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by Belinda on March 3, 2012

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Many of you have emailed me, wanting to know the details behind the before and after photos I shared…what does it take to transform from average to exceptional? Keep reading!

It’s been almost a year since I launched my Aussie Transformation Coach website where I’ve been helping women of all ages and from all walks of life, achieve their dream body. Inside the private forum and video coaching area, women just like you are achieving the body they’ve always hoped for but never really believed possible….until now.  Why? Simply because I know what it’s like to struggle with an out of shape, overweight body. Before my late 30’s I’d never exercised (ever in my life) and my diet was atrocious….. BUT in my 40’s was able to transform my cellulite ridden, spongy, flabby, mushy body into a lean, strong and fit physique – one that I am proud to say, defies age!


If you’re serious about achieving your dream body – then listen, there isn’t a “magic bullet” or quick fix solution. And anyone who tells you differently is trying to take advantage of your emotional vulnerability.  I hate that! Here’s the truth.

The journey ahead is a step-by-step process of progressive change.  As you adjust your thinking, your habits and your lifestyle – your body will respond, and love you back by changing for the better!  My Get Lean Program has been designed to provide the support, guidance and coaching you need, to achieve dramatic, lasting, long term change.

But rather than me sprout on….I’ll hand over now to 3 inspiring Get Leaners to share their experiences!   Remember, this is not just about “before and after photos”.. please read deeper and carefully listen to what these special women are sharing with you today.  You will see and feel the power that real change has, not only to transform the way you look, but how you see yourself, how you feel about your body and most of all – what your future holds!


Get Leaner – Justine Lansdowne

justineBelinda:  How would you describe yourself prior to beginning your transformation journey?

Justine: Always feeling tired. Sick of trying diets and getting very little results in my body. Exercises were becoming boring. Not much was changing even doing 5-6 workouts a week. I nearly gave up until I saw your page.

Belinda: What was the turning point that made you decide “something has to change”?

Justine: I guess not getting results and I knew I could I just needed the right tools. Your page was that tool. Reading your testimonial page confirmed it for me.

Belinda: What success did you experience early on that helped you stay motivated?

Justine: More energy. Legs started to shape better. Doing nearly 300 pop/jump squats in a week opposed to doing the 30 I was doing a week made me feel pumped. I tried to do at least 2 more every day :)

Belinda: What challenges did you face and how did you overcome them?

Justine: Being too sore to workout the next day so I just re-read some testimonials and that usually pushed me. Thinking about why I started in the first place really helped. Being at home and doing it yourself with no one around is difficult so I needed to learn to be more self-motivated. Picturing myself in a few months’ time looking and feeling great did the trick.

Belinda: What have been the unexpected benefits of getting in such amazing shape?

Justine: Entering my first competition in the middle of this yr :) Sooo excited!

Belinda: How has it changed your life?

Justine: I have way more self- confidence and can finally wear a bikini without feeling like I shouldn’t in public. Opened up new doors like entering competitions and being able to throw on clothes and not change a few times before I walk out the door. Generally just being more confident in my own skin.

Belinda: What are your goals for the future?

Justine: To get stronger and continue to compete. Staying fit all year round.

Belinda: What advice do you have for anyone who feels like you did just a few short months ago?

Justine: Just do it!!!  Stop making excuses not to do it! What have you got to lose but fat :) and just remember sweat is your fat crying :) LOL


Newbie to Get Lean – Cheryl Loffeld

Hi Belinda – I am doing great. I love that your program is so easy to follow (and I don’t need to count calories, just watch my portions – Love that) – and spelled out for us.

For years I have been surfing the net looking for ‘role models’ that are similar to what I want to look like (it was hard to find anyone my age though), I have been able to download several workouts – but I wanted more of a ‘personal trainer’ style relationship with these people to mentor me and basically show me the whole package. I was ‘out of balance’ and had no one to ask if I needed help, I didn’t know what to do anymore to change my body – to eat in balance with my workouts. I feel I have finally found that in you.

One of my goals is to stay young well into old age. No walking frames for this duck! However, its not just the fitness of youth that I want, it’s also the look. I now know i can achieve this, you have given me the belief in myself and the tools to go forward.

After a long search on the net, downloading workouts and trying different things, I’m so glad I found you and your transformation package. It’s everything in one plus : not just food but daily menu’s, daily workouts, beauty, everything spelled out – this is exactly what I needed just when i thought it wasn’t going to happen for me. I can’t thank you enough for all the efforts you put in, it is not unrecognised. Knowing you’re an Aussie is icing on the cake!

I prayed, I received.

Take care,
From a grateful fan.

If anything you’ve read here today resonates with you, if you can identify with any of these real life stories, if you know deep down you are capable of much more out of life than you currently are experiencing, if you are tired of trying programs that leave you feeling like you wasted your time, money and energy – then take a moment today to find out more about how you can finally get the support, guidance and coaching you need to make real, lasting change – not only to look and feel amazing – but for your health and personal happiness.


Click Here To Find Out More About Get Lean <—


Thank you again to Justine, Cheryl and Linda for sharing your stories! I deeply appreciate it and I know all of you reading this today do also!

Remember, I love hearing from you – so please post your comments and questions below and I’ll be back soon to answer.

Your Aussie Transformation Coach


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laura castro October 14, 2014 at 7:18 pm

Holaaa belinda es un placer saludarla me interesa mucho su plan de una vida saludable pero nocesito saber si lo tiene en español:)


Belinda October 14, 2014 at 7:34 pm

Hola Lauritaaaa!! Entiendo, pero lo siento – no tenemos – si es una pena ….yo sé … espero que para el futuro ..

Besos y abrazos…Beli xoxo


Jane April 20, 2014 at 7:54 pm

Hi Belinda,
I have always loved to exercise and even did some body building in my mid twenties and other strenuous activities. I have taught belly dance for 16 years and do physically demanding work. However, apparently previous injuries have caught up with me at the age of 53 so a new way to exercise that will not be too demanding on my neck vertebrae is in order. A day without exercise is a day without sunshine. After previewing some of your vids it seems that some of the exercises may be too demanding on the neck area. I wont give up on being physically active and will attempt your and Joey’s programs slowly and lightly to rebuild. Do you have any thoughts or programs for people like myself that challenged their body too much and now need to start fresh with structural injuries? there have got to be others out there. You have a great energy so it would be terrific if you have a chance to respond. Thank you so much. Jane


Belinda April 21, 2014 at 12:10 am

Hi Jane, sorry to hear about your neck – I hope you’ve got some good support through your doctor and/or physiotherapist. Knowing what exercises you can safely do is a good starting point – what do you have clearance for? With this info you can build a gentle workout program that progressively strengthens all the supporting muscles – bodyweight obviously would be preferred.

Thank you for your sweet words and please keep me posted on how you’re doing!



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