Pushing Your Envelope

by Belinda on April 25, 2011

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Ever heard of the phrase “Pushing the Envelope”?

Meaning: To attempt to extend the current limits of performance. To innovate, or go beyond commonly accepted boundaries.

Surprise!  We are not talking about your regular snail mail envelope.  The phrase comes from aerodynamics. The “flight envelope” or “performance envelope” of an aircraft refers to it’s capabilities in terms of air speed or altitude.  When a plane is pushed, for instance by diving it at high speeds, it is said to be flown “outside the envelope”, something considered rather dangerous.  This led to the phrase “pushing the envelope” which was then adopted for general use.  Geee, you learn something everyday hey (thanks Wikipedia!).

Today I want you to think about pushing YOUR envelope.  And I want to inspire you with a real life story (and interview) with a very special girl, Flavia.   Flavia in real life prefers to be in the background working as a nurse caring for sick children.  But she decided to push her envelope and see what could be done if she dedication 100% to an intense training and nutrition program.  Not only that, she committed to documenting her journey so that she could help others.

And along the way, she dug deep and found the courage to try 2 new things that you all know are my passions in life:surfing and sky diving!  Woohoooooooo Flavia!  So for that alone, she gets a feature on my blog.

Note: Pictures snuck from Flavia’s facebook photos.

Today if you are looking for that little extra inspiration to push your envelope, keep reading!

Belinda:  Flavia, congratulations on your physique!  I know how much hard work it must have taken and the commitment it requires – especially holding down a full-time job as a pediatric nurse.  Have you always looked this way?  What are the personal challenges you have faced in getting your body to this level?

Flavia:  Thanks Belinda and I can definitely say the same to you. I have not always looked this way…I wish! The truth is I have not been obese, but I have felt unattractive. Like most people, I struggled to lose weight for the last several years.  I tried and tested so many different workouts and diets, and have finally figured a perfect strategy for keeping off the weight for good…no more yo yo’s. Challenges I faced included, eating out and hanging out with friends who don’t possess the same healthy lifestyle.

Belinda:  It’s easy to assume when you look at someone in great shape like you are, that everything just falls into place for them – but I know from my experience that just isn’t true.  What are the strong and weak points of your body and how has that affected your approach to training?

Flavia:  I used to believe the same thing about sexy females, that they just had amazing genetics. There have been many weak and strong moments and I believe they are quite natural.  Strong moments started right away when I was pumped and excited to try new nutrition and exercises but after a couple weeks, you start to become fearful that maybe this approach isn’t working. I approached this by believing in my program and nutrition and kept pushing despite my fears.  I promised myself that I would give this an honest six week try. After three weeks, my body started to transform and that made the rest a lot easier.  Seeing is believing but you really need to trust in the program and give it an honest try before you give up.

Belinda:  Now, I have a secret to share!  I am a “new exercise” junkie!  I love learning new ways to workout, new combos and challenging myself to go to the next level.  So I was surprised and excited when I started watching your videos to discover some new stuff!  Awesome work.  Tell me about your training philosophy, what strategies you are using and why they work.

Flavia:  That’s why you look the way you do! My training philosophy is simple; keep your heart rate high by incorporating full body workouts, using dynamic movements and making your body work HARD!

I created the F.O.R.C.E formula for a flawless figure, whatever flawless means to you.

F stands for FULL BODY Workouts that are simple, fast-paced and completely dedicated to losing fat and slimming down your proportions.  Absolutely no bulking up the muscles that make females look less feminine – instead we will sculpt the thighs, lift the glutes, chisel the midsection, shoulders and back – those muscles that aid in a stunning hourglass figure.

O stands for Organized Overload Workouts meaning every visit to the gym will be structured and organized around science, strategy and a female’s body-structure – not random confusion.  Now you’ll produce measurable and consistent results and make fast-moving progress from week to week.

R stands for Radical & Rapid Movements for Rapid Results. Specific workout days are dedicated to leaning down your thighs, arms, shoulders, mid-section and boosting that butt.  This happens by attacking your fast-twitch muscle fibers that are the exact fibers responsible for making you look great naked. These dynamic movements will get you SHREDDED in the quickest time possible….

C stands for Challenging Cardio-Core Workout.  Imagine combining fat-frying cardio exercises and belly-blasting core moves, in the same workout, to help you kill two birds with one stone. This style of workout is not for the weak of heart.

E stands for Exceeding Your Expectations With Extreme Metabolic (or energy) “Disturbance And Debt.” In short, you’ll be pushing yourself harder and harder in order to continue to see gains and it’ll become normal to be huffing and puffing to the point of exhaustion.

You will create such an energy debt that will leave you paying off your debt off  ALL DAY LONG! And what is the currency to paying off this debt….FAT!  You will be burning fat long after your workout is done!

Belinda:  I have to ask, how much time do you dedicate to abs, yours look chiseled girl!

Flavia:  Thanks! I incorporate them in every workout, 5 days a week. One day I do all abs and high intensity cardio and the other 4 days I spend about 10 minutes on them at the end of each workout. I have found a huge change in my midsection by taking time to make them stronger.

Belinda:  And if someone doesn’t have access to a gym – what is the minimum amount of equipment they will need to do your workouts at home?

Flavia: Great question! And the answer is, NOT A LOT! Stability Ball, dumbbells 3-15 pounds, and a resistance band…that’s it.

Belinda:  I must admit you caught my attention with your “Deadline Diet”.  Having leaned out to many deadlines over recent years I know what an art and science it is. It’s easier to get it wrong rather than right.  Plus, not to mention I get emails every week asking for help getting ready for a special event, wedding, holiday or even family reunions sugarinies (I have one next year in New Zealand myself)!  So, tell us how the Deadline Diet works.

Flavia: First off, let me say, The Deadline Diet is HARD but it works, and it works fast. This diet is a tired and proven strategy involving calorie and carbohydrate cycling. Our body is too clever to let it starve itself, that’s why the body slows down our metabolism when calories are low. What we are going to do here is shock the body by giving it high calories and high carbohydrates after a few days of low calories and carbohydrates, to reignite the metabolism for fat burning. You will wake up every morning looking leaner and tighter.

Belinda:  Excellent.  One last question before you go, if you could give one piece of advice to girls wanting to get really serious about their fitness and physique – what would that be (apart from getting your program lol)

Flavia:  lol.  One piece of advice I tell my family and friends who ask how they can look and feel better, is to change one habit at a time. Start with one goal, write it down, set a deadline and execute. Maybe your first habit is replacing all white flour with sprout flour.  Accomplish that, then move onto the next. A habit cannot be broken, only replaced. Don’t try to change everything at once, this will only lead to frustration and likely failure. Making changes is completely manageable if you make the changes in your lifestyle, not just as a temporary fix. Thank you Belinda and thank you everyone for reading!

So, there you have it.
Start pushing YOUR envelope!
What one thing are YOU going to change today?
Imagine what could happen if you really DID IT?

Why not tell us here on the blog how you are going to push your envelope!

Click here to check out Flavia’s Personal Workout Program and Deadline Diet.


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