Q & A Re: Sugar/Fat/Carbohydrate Addiction and Body Fat

by Belinda on April 8, 2011

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It’s Friday 4.30am in Panamá, Central America where I live and I am up early (again) getting ready to train my clients. But I need to get this out to you today before I go anywhere, so please forgive any typos ahead of time – I am still waking up!

I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to my blog yesterday:

Confessions of an Ex-Sugar Junkie

Right now my inbox is full of your unanswered questions and I just wish I could stay home and answer them all one by one! But I can’t. So, instead here is the next best thing. I picked out 5 of your questions that kept popping up and here are my answers!

Your Questions and My Answers!

Question 1.
Even though I try to stop having sugar after a week I find myself feeling really low in energy, tired and irritable. Then because I am feeling down, I start eating my bad sugar stuff again. Why? Please HELP!

My Answer.
If you go cold turkey and cut out all sugar without replacing the available glycogen (carbohydrates) as a source of fuel for your body and brain – things are going to shut down! You need to wean your body off refined sugar and onto complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs are like time-release capsules of energy as opposed to an injection of refined sugar that enters the bloodstream with a bang. Complex carbohydrates will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, your appetite under control and help you lose weight without feeling deprived.

Question 2.
Belinda, I am love carbs. Well the truth is, I love bread. I dream about bread. I work out a lot but I eat a lot and I am not losing weight. I wish I could believe that it’s possible to change like you said on your blog.


My Answer.
When some people eat bread, their bodies release too much insulin, a hormone that stimulates our appetite and makes
it easy to overeat. This also can make you crave certain foods. Bread is also a “comfort food” that many people eat when they are feeling lonely, stressed out, sad, or bored. The good news is that by tweaking your diet by including the right low-glycemic carbs every 3 hours you will re-wire your body and start enjoying alternatives without having to deal with cravings. You still may want bread for emotionally comforting reasons, but dealing with that will become a lot easier.

Question 3.
What about artificial sweeteners? Are they OK?

My Answer.
In all my recipes I use Stevia. Stevia is a South American herb that has been used as a sweetener by the Guarani Indians of Paraguay for hundreds of years. The body does not metabolize the sweet glycosides from the stevia leaf or any of its processed forms – so there is no caloric intake. And it doesn’t affect blood glucose levels so you don’t get those highs and lows.

Question 4.
Belinda, if I cut out all sugar can I get lean like you? It’s those last few 5 pounds that I just can’t lose no matter what I do.

My Answer.
Getting super lean requires balancing an incredibly healthy diet with a good training program PLUS looking after your
health with plenty of sleep and not too much stress. OK I sound like your mother now lol! Experience has taught me that if I want to be lean all year around, I must be committed to making every calorie that goes into my mouth nutrient dense – power packed with vitamins, minerals and the right amino acids found in certain proteins and complex carbohydrates. Cutting out all sugar is the first thing I do when leaning out, then step by step I make adjustments to the rest of my diet and training. So, it’s a fantastic starting point!

Question 5.
I eat really well then can’t help pigging out on junk food. I crave it. I know it’s bad for me but it keep going back to it. Normal food just doesn’t taste good enough when I really need it.

My Answer.
Ohhhh, I remember this feeling! And I remember the day I never wanted to eat junk food again in my life. Look, I will be really honest here, you need to get in the kitchen and start cooking. It’s that simple. Stop depending on other people to do it for you. You know what you like to eat and it CAN taste amazing and be incredibly good for you also. It will just take a little work and commitment to experimenting. And if you don’t think you have time, just think about me writing this email to you at 4.30am on a Friday morning lol! Where there is a will, there is a way.

If you need some help with cooking and recipes or have no idea where to start with all this then keep reading!

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I have been completely overwhelmed by the response to my blog. I didn’t realize how many people share the same experiences as me.  Look, I used to go to heaps of business meetings over “coffee” and I would hide the 6 packets of sugar I would put in the coffee by tearing the tops all at the same moment and surreptitiously pouring them in.
Those who worked with me back then know this as a fact!

So if I can do it, you can too.

And please, feel free to forward my blog or this email to those who really need it…pass it on.

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