Get Lean Program: Melanie Rivers Case Study

by Belinda on April 16, 2013

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Have you reached a plateau – where you’re no longer overweight…yet your physique isn’t toned, youthful, athletic, taut & swimsuit-worthy? 


Do you look okay in clothes… but feel old before your time, spongy and saggy naked?




It’s so important for you to hear that you’re NOT alone in being put through the paces – by the countless false-fitness-prophets and pseudo-weight-loss-solutions inundating the marketplace.

In fact, I’d like to share a story with you illustrating just that...

I had the pleasure of doing a half hour audio interview with a woman who has an amazing Get Lean success story. Her name is Melanie. She’s proof that hope is NOT lost; that your past failures mean nothing about your Lean Potential.



But before I tell you more about Melanie, I really want to take this opportunity to discuss the elephant in the room.

I’m talking about the absurd amount of weight loss choices that supposedly help you become the very best version of yourself.

…Which leads me to a BIG time question:

With the plethora of fitness and nutrition programs out there, how do you know when you’ve found the one that will genuinely work for YOU

…and empower you to shed those extra 10, 20 or 30 pounds?!?!

An even better question is:

How do you know the program you choose won’t actually cause damage to your metabolism, immune system and emotional well-being?

These are BOTH hugely important questions, right?

You bet your life! (And I mean that literally).

They’re also questions that women deal with everyday.

After all…

We ALL want to find a REAL solution to the age-old dilemma of…

“How Can I FINALLY Achieve My Dream Body In The Healthiest, Fastest Way Possible… And EASILY Keep It?


Here’s the obvious problem…

The big corporations and self-proclaimed fitness experts alike KNOW you’re wondering.

They hear you loud and clear.

That’s why..

The weight loss industry is one of the most heavily advertised, completely hyped-out marketplace on the planet. It’s insanity!

There are more and more and more “fat burning,” “get ripped,” “weird weight loss secret” type products popping up daily. Yes, daily.

And honestly..

It scares me how unapologetically irresponsible some of these weight loss systems are… or how blatantly off-the-mark their nutrition advice tends to be. Scary, scary stuff

The truth is…

There are infinite ways to lose weight, tone up those blasted legs, hips, butt, thighs… and transform your body composition.


Most Fitness & Nutrition Programs Are Totally Unsustainable. They Utterly Fail To Provide You With The Essential Tools To Command A Healthy Lifestyle. It’s Frightening!


Sure, you might look better… for a little while.

But you’re always left feeling like you’ve been put through the wringer.

…fatigued, run down – constantly looking for nutritional sustenance and lasting satiety.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been in this business long enough to say…

The vast majority of body transformation systems do NOT address the epidemic of facilitating weight loss…

While actually strengthening and healing women’s bodies from years of toxic, self-destructive, roller-coaster, food depriving/overeating, fad-dieting.

They know…

You’re so enamored with getting RID OF SOMETHING (i.e. shedding those extra pounds) that you forgot it’s just as vital to add what your body is missing.

And since they don’t have a certifiable solution to the healthy-body-transformation-epidemic, it’s never discussed – leaving a gaping hole in your new lifestyle.

You end up believing there’s something wrong with you – when you fail.

But it’s absolutely NOT your fault!

When you passionately want to transform and tone your body into the dream version of yourself…

It’s natural to keep putting all of your hope into the latest and greatest shiny box that comes along.

And boy oh boy…

Do they ever come in shiny, persuasive little boxes, huh? (Metaphorically speaking, of course.)

The clever advertising by those shiny-box-systems are designed to trigger an irrational desire to keep you trying “the latest and greatest breakthroughs” in fitness, nutrition and weight loss.

Of course, what inevitably happens?

How does it ALWAYS turn out – when you lose weight in ways that CAN’T support your body’s overall health and well-being?

Pretty simple, isn’t it? You abandon the program, right?

…Because you feel absolutely depleted in every possible way.

…Because your body isn’t receiving what it NEEDS to easily thrive.

…Because your body STILL isn’t revealing your true Lean Potential – free of sagging skin and unsightly cellulite.

Sadly, the fact is…

Crash Diet Programs Take An Extremely Destructive Toll On Your Body, Mind & Spirit


It borders on self-abuse. And that’s NOT okay.

Again though…

It’s NOT your fault.

It’s SO, so, so easy to get caught up in:

  • The self-deprivation game
  • Purging yourself
  • Eating all the wrong foods… at all the wrong times
  • Eating too much… eating too little.
  • Not eating the right foods at all.
  • And doing all the wrong exercises… or doing the right exercises, incorrectly

It all adds up to spending tons of time and money getting nowhere… or worse…

You end up causing so much damage to your body (and metabolism) that you just want to feel normal again. (Whatever that means, huh?.)

I’ve been there too.

Nobody ever taught me how to take care of my body… or remind me to give to myself, first, so I had something to offer other people. I had to figure it all out on my own.

Sure, I tried a few of those destructive shiny-box-non-solutions, but I ultimately decided I needed to develop a nutritional and fitness program that worked for me.

In the process, Get Lean was born.

Here’s what I looked like at age 34.


Here’s another one at 44 when I got so buffed-out that I began a career as a fitness model… and even competed in female figure competitions.


And here’s a recent, totally raw pic of me at the gym.


My personal transformation was wild. And as you can see, I’ve managed to easily maintain my dream physique over the years… because Get Lean focuses on the WHOLE body. It’s inside-out, sustainable-body-transformation at its absolute greatest.

But admittedly…

I realize your own journey has likely been very different than my own.

Like I said, it’s been an eye-opening experience for me as the creator of Get Lean.

I’ve been incredibly privileged to intimately see what women REALLY endure – as they go through the process of dramatically changing their appearance.

And honestly…

I Never Imagined Get Lean Would Help So Many Women Reveal Their Ideal Bodies


I knew I COULD help… I just didn’t know it would happen on such a large scale.

My gratitude for how many women have embraced my story and vision absolutely floors me. I can’t even begin to THANK everyone who declared that Get Lean would be what launches them into a state of massive physical and emotional transformation.

…Maybe that transformation was just 10 pounds. Perhaps it was 30. It honestly doesn’t matter. Transformation is transformation.

When you’re the one experiencing a life-changing metamorphosis in the way you look and feel… the amount of weight you actually lose isn’t what even matters.

The feedback I’ve received over the last few years, from women just like you, is a testament that weight isn’t THE issue.

It’s More About Reshaping & Toning The Trouble Zones – Not Necessarily Changing The Number On The Scale


I know that might sound counterintuitive.

But you know…

I’ve received testimonial after testimonial that are all about full-body-transformation, rather than just emphasizing the amount of weight lost.

Here’s an example of what I mean from Susan in her 40’s – who posted this on my Forum:

“Well…my guy couldn’t keep his eyes off my ass last night. He asked…’Have you lost weight?’ I proudly smiled, ‘Why yes I have. And look…my new jeans are bagging and I washed AND DRIED them.’ As you know drying jeans makes them tighter.

So…while my weight 140 and my body fat and muscle are staying the same, my inches are changing. My thighs are a .25″ smaller than 2 weeks ago.

As you can see from the photos my inner thigh is taking shape. I’ve never had definition in my thighs, not in high school even.”

It’s important to really understand WHY you’re naturally driven to look your best. (And not feel satisfied until you get there.)

Ask yourself:

“Where does the pain about my body image come from?”

In a nutshell…

The emotional pain occurs – when you feel so far away from the body of your dreams; when your reflection in the mirror doesn’t match the image in your mind’s eye.

Read that again. It’s simple. And it’s powerful.

Here’s the deal…

It’s physically painful to know exactly how you want to look… and still see what feels like the exact opposite.

The discrepancy between where you are… and the body you desire skews the way you see yourself… and triggers an irrational, unstoppable need to transform yourself

That being said…

Before I go any further, I need to get this off my chest:

Realizing You’re Currently Less Than Your True Lean Potential – Doesn’t Mean You’re Worth… Less


Can you hear that?

Or do they just feel like empty words?

And why is it even important?

I’ll answer it like this…

You’re always stuck in the world of “should.”

  • Trying to be the person you “should be.”
  • The wife you “should be.”
  • The mother you “should be.”
  • The career women you “should be.”
  • The (fill in the blank) you “should be.”

In the process…

You sacrifice your health, happiness, emotional well-being, and yes, your true Lean Potential.

By playing the role of caregiver and getting stuck in the “should be” versions of yourself…

You haven’t put yourself (and your body) at the top of your priorities. (Are you even on the list?)

So let’s squelch that thinking.

“My body is important.” 

“The way I look is important.”

“It’s not selfish to desire my fantasy body. 

“I deserve to look and feel absolutely blissful.”

As I give to myself, I inspire and uplift those around me. 

“There’s always more than enough time to give to myself – before I give to anyone else.”

Putting The Time & Energy Into How You Look Is NOT Selfish Or Self-Centered


It’s so, so, so important that you put yourself at the top, top, top of your list.

That’s the only “should” you need to focus on RIGHT NOW.

Because when you’re healthier…

When you’re happier…

When you value yourself enough to make sure you always look and feel beyond amazing…

You’re a better, more giving person.

The positive impact you make in the lives of everyone around you is effortless.

Listen to me ladies…

Everything I just said is a big, big, big part of why you’re feeling so much pain…

Being trapped in The Should You is keeping you far away from your ideal self.

And it’s causing you mind-blowing pain.

That isn’t me just making an assumption. Not a chance.

I’ve heard countless clients say some version of…

“Oh My God… I Thought I Was Okay… But I Realized I’m Way Worse Off Than I Thought. There Are Just So Many Things I Need To Do. I Get Lost In All Of My Priorities. And My Body Is Paying The Price.”


That’s what happens when you push your needs to the side – under the rug.

You’re reading this blog (and got this far) because you know something’s gotta change.

Are you realizing that?

If you are (and I hope that’s the case)…

It’s just a matter of CHOOSING to begin your own Get Lean journey.

So whatever circumstances push YOU and your body down the list of your priorities…

And whatever FINALLY woke you up to realizing, “I need to make myself THE priority,” you can rest assured that you’ve found the platform to put yourself first.

We Need to Laser-Target All The Stubborn, Female-Specific Trouble Zones

Areas like…

  • That cellulite on your hamstrings (the bumps and dimples… or cottage cheese on the backs of your legs. Imagine it GONE.)
  • Your flabby triceps (the bottoms of your arms… that we can quickly firm up.)
  • The saggy butt that never responds to anything you do. (But soon… You won’t have to depend on those super-powered jeans to make your ass look like a million bucks.)
  • Those pudgy saddles bags (outer thighs) AND your inner thighs. (We’ll smooth them out beautifully.)
  • Your bloated-looking, droopy tummy, those impossible to sculpt obliques, back fat, bra fat… and more… (all trimmed and toned into the amazing NEW you.)

Get Lean is a 90 Day Transformation Program. You’ll know exactly what to eat, when to eat… and how much to eat. Same with your workouts. There’s never ANY guess work – letting you focus on what matters.

We’re turning back the clock on your body’s age in truly mind-blowing, body-rocking ways.

That’s what makes Get Lean different from all of those shiny-box-programs.

I’m giving your body a blueprint to thrive. We’re NOT sending you into survival mode by withholding what you NEED to function.

Get Lean 90 Day Transformation Program <—

bbblogneversaynever copy



Listen to my interview with Melanie; an amazing Get Lean Champion and success story – talking about her experience training for her first figure physique competition.



Melanie is 36 years old… and a mother of a rambunctious 2 year old little boy.

She’s also an expert personal trainer and qualified nutritionist in her own right. So she really knows her stuff. That’s one of the things that makes her triumph with Get Lean so spectacular.

In the interview…

Melanie talks about the ease and convenience of Get Lean

“I didn’t really have to go to the gym. I just needed some really basic equipment to be able to exercise at home in front of the TV – when my baby was asleep.”

She continues…

“I’m not spending two hours (a day) in the gym. It’s more about the intensity of the exercise to get results, rather than spending hours exercising everyday.”

Melanie also talks about the nutritional side of Get Lean

“I had to run around after a toddler all day. I needed energy and I was not in a position to starve myself and get any nutritional deficiencies. So… What I really liked about Get Lean is… You don’t cut out dairy… you don’t cut out red meat… and you don’t cut out fruit…”

And if you’re worried about always being hungry – like you are on those other programs, Melanie covers it here… 

“I knew there had a to be a better way… and a healthier way to still Get Lean and Get Strong – without cutting out huge amounts of food groups or losing the valuable nutrients that I need… There’s lots of food in Get Lean. I wasn’t hungry. And there are regular snacks and meals throughout the day – so that really kept my metabolism buzzing along.”

Take a little time and listen to the whole interview.

I know her story will inspire you to join the awesome Get Lean Revolution

And FINALLY achieve your own true Lean Potential.

To Looking, Feeling & BEING Younger!

Belinda Benn, Your Transformation Coach

P.S. Your body isn’t designed to suffer – when you aspire to reach the fantasy version of yourself. So on behalf of those other programs that always left you feeling depleted, deficient, and quite frankly, depressed… I’m sorry. I’ll say it one more time: It’s NOT your fault. I’ll also say… the faster you let go of your past failures, the quicker you’ll easily Get Lean.

Are you ready?

Get Lean 90 Day Transformation Program <—

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