The Journey Within

by Belinda on April 23, 2011

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In previous posts I talked a little bit about really being healthy, looking fabulous and feeling amazing. I have also talked about some practical food tips that help you conquer those cravings that are bound to creep up as you transform your eating, your body and your life!

Today, I’d like to take a little peek inside and invite you to join me!

In the chapter on “What Does Transformation Mean to You?” I suggested that somewhere along the way you gave over control of your thoughts to someone or something else.

I would venture to say at some point we have all done this – I know that I did! I was living a “proper” life, doing all the good things that I was supposed to do given my role as wife, friend, and corporate trainer. I played the role well…and life was “good”, but I still had a gnawing in the pit of my soul that taunted me, suggesting that something even better could be happening!

And those better things start in your mind – your brain!

Now we can spend lots of time trying to psychoanalyze the “why’s” and “how’s” of those negative thought patterns that you are carrying with you…but why not just cut to the chase?

“Reflection” is passive; “Transformation” is active.

And since your goal is Transformation and fully realizing your true potential and purpose in life, then let’s talk about actions you can take to get you from where you are, right now, to where you want to be.

The most effective way to re-train your brain to more positive thoughts is through auto-suggestion. When we hear something over and over again, our subconscious mind will accept it as truth. Up to this point, you may have trained your brain to accept the negative stuff – the”I can’ts” and the “I don’t deserves”.

Auto-suggestions, also called Affirmations put YOU back in control. They are effective because of the repetitive nature of the practice, so don’t feel silly saying the same thing over and over again. Affirmations signal your brain to absorb all the positive and empowering information that is most important for reaching your goals, and your positive thoughts will crowd out any negative things that are holding you back.

Basically, you get to choose what you want your brain to believe. That’s power!

So here is a quick guide to creating your own affirmations:

  • Start with a few deep, cleansing breaths
  • Keep your Affirmation phrases short, and in the present tense (I am vs. I will)
  • Say the positive phrase out loud, so you can hear it, and repeat it several times

For example:

  • I am strong and healthy and I love my morning walks!
  • My skin is glowing with signs of health!
  • I have the life of my dreams and I’m healthy inside and out!
  • I give my body only the best food!
  • I am ready to succeed and have the body I deserve!

Say these things with feeling, like you mean it. See it, feel it, taste it, hear it, and touch it. Give each affirmation that you choose a life and trick your brain into making it real.

After your brain hears this about 100 times, it gets ingrained into your subconscious mind and that part of your brain will get to work to make it happen! And your subconscious mind is an interesting thing. When it believes that something is suppose to be “real” (such as your new sleek and sexy body) and it sees something else, then it’s going to be a little confused and work really hard to make what it believes a reality.

Give it a shot!

Until next time…


Your Aussie Transformation Coach


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