The Nice Butt Workout (Video)

by Belinda on June 26, 2017

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beligymbutt At 50 years old I’m in the best shape of my life – and having helped thousands of women achieve their dream body I often get asked: Belinda, what exercises can I do to lift, firm and round my butt? So today I’m sharing my favorite equipment free workout! First, here are the 6 Essential Sexy Butt Secrets you must know.

1. If you don’t use it you lose it.   

As you get older, if you don’t workout your butt, it will sag. Full stop.  Not only that, you’ll be more prone to cellulite and spongy flabbiness.   No amount of body shaping treatments or liposuction can compensate for muscle atrophy and the effects of gravity.  In fact, they will make the sagging and cellulite worse.

2. No matter what your age, shape or size, this workout will improve your butt.

Why? The ‘glutes’ (butt) are one of the largest muscle groups in the body.  By training them correctly, to build muscle fiber density (not necessary volume) you will completely re-shape, lift, firm and tighten your sexy little butt cheeks girls.  In fact, one of my Get Leaners recently posted in our forum:

“the creases under my butt checks are now “smiling” and not a straight line”

This is because her butt has LIFTED!


3. Train smarter not harder.

You don’t need to workout like a crazy person.  The right exercises when done with the correct form will get amazing results.  Often my clients tell me that even though they’ve exercised all their life – they’ve never seen the visible improvements achieved from just a few weeks on Get Lean.   Sometimes they’re shocked how quickly their body responds to doing the right workouts for their goals and relieved they finally have the solution they’ve been looking for.

4. It’s not necessary to use heavy weights or machines to radically transform your butt (or your body).

Old school says you need to train with heavy weights to build strong muscles.  This is a myth.  It can put unnecessary strain on your joints, ligaments and tendons. It wears your body out prematurely and most people can’t sustain this type of training long term without risk of injury, joint issues, aches and pains.  Fusion style bodyweight training promotes strong, lean, defined and shapely muscle to firm and tone the body.

5.  For targeting the female trouble zones, fusion style bodyweight training is usually more effective.  Why?

Heavy weights and exercise machines often limit the natural full range of motion simply either because you have to counter-balance and compensate for the extra added weight or the machine directs the movement for you. On the other hand, free weights and bodyweight exercise enables the full range of natural movement (biomechanical motion) which stimulates the muscles from every possible angle.  You have to work a lot harder to maintain your balance by recruiting all the stabilizing muscles. Everything is engaged at a higher level of intensity. In my experience, this is a far more efficient and effective way to firm and re-shape the stubborn areas of the female body.

Note: My Get Lean Workouts incorporate both bodyweight and a variety of equipment such as free weights, body bar, medicine ball, step, exercise ball and power band.

6. The correct exercise technique is VITAL. Now, listen carefully and pay close attention to my coaching tips in the video below.

  • Observe where you allow the weight of your body to rest.

Which muscles are carrying the majority of your bodyweight makes a huge difference to the difficulty of the exercise and thus, it’s effectiveness.

  • Go slow through the full range of motion.

This prevents gravity from assisting you (cheating) and gets exponential results.  Think about it.  When you go fast or use the motion of your body or gravity to assist you – you’re actually cheating yourself by reducing the demand for pure muscle fiber strength.

  • Use your mind to activate the target muscles.  

This is essential.  Let me give you an example. I get heaps of girls who come to me having run all their lives or done traditional weight training yet have overdeveloped quads,  underdeveloped hamstrings and flat butts.  They’re unhappy with their legs but in reality they just lack symmetry.  By re-learning how to effectively engage and activate the hamstrings and glutes (instead of favoring the quads) – suddenly their legs and butt start to beautifully re-shape. OK, so now it’s time to get into the fun stuff!

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Please post your questions, feedback and results below – not only would I appreciate it a lot but it will help motivate others. Remember, this is a fitness and well-being lifestyle for the long term.  Train right today, and your body will reward you not only now but also for years and years to come. And that’s coming from someone who is 50 years old!

Your Lifestyle Transformation Coach Belinda

P.S.  If you enjoyed this workout and you’d like a fun, effective and easy guide to getting in amazing shape — then check out my Get Lean Program. It’s a 12 week complete transformational program that literally takes you by the hand and show you step by step how to lose weight, get rid of cellulite and build lean, body toning, fat burning muscle.

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Sonia January 26, 2016 at 9:17 am

Good morning from Vegas! :)
I just finished this workout and I am sweating! I exercise 5-6 times a week, and at 44, I am not seeing the same results as I used to.
I performed 2 sets of first circuit like you said in video.
1) am I supposed to do 2 sets of the second 1/2 as well?
2) the last lunge routine: is it 20 each leg? It burns!!!! 😉

Thank you!


Belinda January 26, 2016 at 2:23 pm

Good morning Sonia!! Well done and GREAT work :)

There are many different ways you can do this to adapt to your fitness level and time. As a general rule, two sets of the first circuit and one of the second is plenty to get results! Yes for the last crazy burn lunge, 20 each leg (count 1 forward, 2 back, 3 forward). Keep going with this and you’ll see those results you’re after. When you’re ready to step it up to the next level check my Get Lean Program. I’d love to coach you! Bel xo


Christie May 13, 2015 at 8:37 am

Hi Belinda,
I read and re-read but cannot seem to locate how many days a week the butt and thigh workout should be done to get proper results. If you have a moment, would you please let me know?
Thanks so much!


Belinda May 14, 2015 at 1:28 am

Hi Christine, if you’re only doing this lower body workout – then I recommend three times a week with one day rest and stretching in between. Please let me know how it goes! Bel xo


Belinda April 12, 2016 at 4:30 pm

Hi Anne! Great to meet you :)

I understand and exercise modifications are necessary sometimes. I would stay upright as you have been doing for the squats and lunges and this won’t affect your results. Avoid the Modified One Leg Squat. Run this past your doctor or trainer just to be sure :)

Please keep me updated how you’re going! Bel XO


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