The No. 1 Aphrodisiac for Sex, Skin and Body Sculpting

by Belinda on April 16, 2012

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Today we are having a girl talk.  You know, the sister-to-sister kind of chat.

I have some very juicy stuff to share that could give you some surprising results!

If you have been following my blogs you know I just got back from spending time with my sister in New Zealand.  We are very close, we shared the same bedroom growing up and we have a kind of no holds barred relationship when it comes to sharing personal things.

Alison and me (aged 6 & 10 yrs old).

So it was only natural that during the 2 weeks we spent together we caught up on all the new discoveries we had made since we last saw each other.

It all started with Alison’s laser eye surgery.  She was waking up with really dry eyes and the doctor recommended she start taking Omega-3’s before she went to bed to help lubricate the eyes over night.  Hmmm, interesting.

Omega-3’s worked overnight to solve her dry eye problem!  


Now that got my attention.  And it turned out out; her eyes weren’t the only things being lubricated.   So we did a little research and found a fascinating book called the The Orgasmic Diet: A Revolutionary Plan to Lift Your Libido and Bring You to Orgasm…and guess what?  YES, one of the key strategies in the book is daily doses of Omega 3’s to help increase sensitivity (blood flow) and natural body fluids that make sex a lot more pleasurable.  And in addition, I had to admit; her skin was looking amazing, moisturized, soft, smooth and glowing – all over.

By now, Alison’s discovery had my full and complete attention. 

This required further, deeper investigation.


You like many people may associate any oil with being “bad” especially if you are trying to lose weight. But interestingly researchers in Australia found that Omega-3’s help produce hormones (eicosanoids) that regulate digestion and insulin production and this helps use more fat for energy (accelerated weight loss).  And, it also improves blood flow to the muscles, which increases strength gains and burns more additional calories.

Putting all those facts aside, I wanted to prove things for myself.  I made sure I bought the best quality oil available and closely monitored all the changes.  Three days on and my skin had a soft glow….and yes, my sensitivity levels had escalated and things were feeling very, very good.   Six weeks later I am full convert.   I can honestly say out of all the supplements I have experimented with – this has the most holistic and complete benefits for a female – on many levels, from pure pleasure, hormonal regulation and by complimenting my nutritional goals and workout program.  All in a very gentle and natural way.


So, how do you boost your Omega 3 intake?

There are tons of power Omega-3 packed foods out there, which can be incorporated into your diet.  To make it easy I found this free report for you that has a very handy printable chart on page 15 that has the top foods with the most concentrated sources of Omega-3’s which you can stick on your fridge:

What Your Doctor Never Told You About Fish Oil

 For those days you are running short then I recommend you take Krill Oil, which is NOT Fish Oil as your best source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Krill oil is 48 times more potent that fish oil.  And it is superior to fish oil because of a very powerful antioxidant called astasanthin, which helps prevent oxidation (degradation of the oil) and makes it easy to absorb by your body.  And it simply more pure because regular fish supplies around the world are increasing testing positive for dangerous contaminates (mercury, PCBs, toxic metals like lead and arsenic, and radioactive substances like strontium).


Read More and Get Krill Oil Here


My tip for those who find taking capsules difficult!

If you’re like me, sometimes remembering or even being able to physically swallow capsules can be a challenge.  I started adding the oil from the capsules into my post workout protein shake – it helps remind me to take them plus makes it easy to consume!

Lastly, just in case you missed my sister’s story of how my Get Lean Program helped her, click here to read it:

Alison’s Get Lean Experience

Alison After Get Lean


Please do the sisterly thing and pass on this valuable blog!!


Your Aussie Transformation Coach

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darlene somerville July 3, 2012 at 8:09 am

Thanks for the tip on Krill oil! I saw one of your video’s on Joey Atlas’s site, I started his Naked Beauty program a couple weeks ago. So far, showing some shape changes, but not sure if the cellutlite is going away, I plan to add in the cardio piece this week :)


Belinda July 3, 2012 at 8:18 am

My pleasure Darlene :)

Joey’s Cellulite Program is excellent so stick with it. Check out this post I did on HIIT Cardio Training for some ideas!

Belinda xo


Paul April 20, 2012 at 5:39 am

Hi Belinda ! Thanks for the interesting blog ! I’m about to use cod liver oil for a bodybuilding competition diet for the first time as I’ve heard it’s one of the best supplements you can take for weight loss. So now I know why you look so incredible for your age ! Fish oils for beautiful skin ! Keep looking good and keep taking your fish oil !

Paul :)


sharon April 20, 2012 at 2:56 am


I am just so inspired by you. You are truly a testimony and now your sister! With me I am slim and have been ever since so keeping fat off has never been a problem. However, staying fit and keeping my biological age young is and has been very important to me and I think what you have to offer is just Great! Again you are an inspiration and I will continue to follow you because you walk the talk.

Thanks for looking so good and inspiring others to do the same. Age is Just a Number!

Yours truly


Belinda April 20, 2012 at 7:03 am

Hi Sharon! Thank you, I love your philosophy…and I hope to post more about how to slow down the aging process or even reverse it. That is an important part of my quality of life..on top of fitness and overall health. Thanks heaps for the encouragement and posting here!! Belinda xo


clare baird April 18, 2012 at 10:42 pm

hi belinda
ivejust recently liked ur page on fb thru a fitness girl on my freinds list from australia,and seen ur blog and the krill oil.
i suffer a few ailments depression anxiety,ibs under active thyroid and i have inflamation ofmy joints esp in my shoulder and back.
i had been to gym last yr but as imnot working i couldnt afford to go to gym,i kno wits nto an excusebut then u get in a way of not exercising.recently my mumpassed away and now im ready to get back to fitness and wellbeing and start a fresh so i got my fiance to go get me some krill oil today so ive had 2 capsules so far and im hoping they are going to help me in s omany ways ,andmy fiance suffers chrohns disease so im hoping it will help him too
ill let u know how we get on
oh im 43 live in scotland and i do modelling as a hobby ive put on a bit of weigth last few months and i seee u as my inspiration to be my best thanks for all the motivational blogs ill watching ur videos and reading ur blogs to keep me motivated
thanks so much you have saved me xx


Belinda April 25, 2012 at 2:31 pm

Thank you Clare for sharing your story and for visiting my blog :)
Belinda xoxo


Nancy April 17, 2012 at 5:16 am

Great info! I’ve been taking Omega 3-6-9s for a few years now and find it helps with lots of thing including general health. Both myself 44 and my husband 48 take them daily with our other supplements. We are constantly told we look much younger than our ages. Cheers!


Belinda April 17, 2012 at 8:16 am

Hi Nancy – that is an excellent endorsement – thank you for sharing that! I can imagine how it does help with staying and looking younger… It must feel soooo good to get those comments, especially reaffirming your commitment to health and fitness.

Yayyyy!! Bel


Albert Nahon April 18, 2012 at 9:57 am

Hi Nancy
Have you heard about the new discovery, Omega 3 from Sage?
It is far better than the fish oil (it has all 3 fatty acids in it), and without the heavy metals as in fish oil.
You should try it.


Darren April 17, 2012 at 3:36 am

You are correct Belinda, fish oil is excellent! For guys too. I’ve been taking them regularly for years, not bragging but im nearly 40 and some people say I look early 30’s, excercise and genes obviously play their part, but im just wondering if the good oil did also :)


Belinda April 17, 2012 at 8:29 am

Hy Darren, great to hear they are working for you also :) I am sure the Omega-3’s are a big part of it. The effect on the skin is amazing not to mention the internal health benefits – helping you stay young from the inside out. It can only get better 😉 Bel


Albert Nahon April 16, 2012 at 12:12 pm

You are so right about Omega 3, it is a miracle to me.
I am using the vegetarian type and it is great


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