The Path to Total Wellness

by Belinda on April 20, 2011

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Every day that you travel the road to great health will become easier and easier. As you start to look and feel better, you will naturally start to enjoy living in the present moment. You just won’t have time or the desire to dwell on any “failures” that you may have had in the past.

Sounds great, right?

I know that at this point, you’ve made some changes in your everyday habits. They may be little changes that don’t seem too life altering, but over time and with consistent and persistent effort, you’re noticing “something” a little different, right?

It was like that for me too!

And then there are some changes that you’ve made that are pretty big. For me, it was completely changing my environment. For you, it may be something a little less drastic; however, still pretty big.

  • Did you finally start doing that “thing” that you’ve been putting on hold for so long?
  • Did you re-train your family to treat your healthy time with respect?
  • Are they pitching in a little more around the house so that all the responsibilities are not resting on your shoulders? Are you letting them?
  • Are you shopping the grocery store perimeter (where the healthier stuff tends to be) more often than the inside aisles (where all the processed and packaged stuff tends to be)?
  • Are you keeping track of the steps you’re taking to ensure that this time, finally, you are going to reach your goal?

You’re feeling pretty good right now, aren’t you?

And you should! Even the smallest shift can take you in a completely new direction in life. Wouldn’t it be great to have a personal compass to continue to guide you through to your final destination?

At this point, a lot of people enter a different set of waters – maybe it’s one of those transitional crossings that you’ve been at before. It’s at this point when a little coaching could come in handy.

So, don’t hesitate to keep up your momentum and if you think that I am the right coach for your journey then join me on the Aussie Transformation Coach Forum! That’s where people just like you gather to take the next step in their journey –and it’s where I like to hang out too!

But right now, I want you to do something really special. I want you to write down 10 things that you’ve achieved so far on your Transformation Journey that you feel really, really good about.

Go ahead, I’ll wait…..

Awesome! I’d love to hear about them…

Now do something amazing to reward yourself – a bubble bath, a facial, paint your toes, a bicycle ride outdoors, or a thoughtful walk in a special place. Whatever you love, do it today!

Until next time…


Your Aussie Transformation Coach


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