Asymmetrical Variance Training: Two Week Transformation Pt 3

by Belinda on July 9, 2012

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There’ve been many times in my life that I have been humbled – beyond words, beyond belief, even brought to my knees, realizing how wrong I was in my judgments, pre-conceived ideas, thoughts and beliefs.

It’s easy as time goes by, as we get a little older, as life experiences leave us with hard earned lessons – that we get set in our ways of thinking. Ways of thinking we believe (sincerely so) are “right”.

I’ve learned the painful way – that often I am “wrong” lol!


This difficult but powerful learning curve began before I was divorced. I was filled with harsh judgments born out of narrow life experiences. At that time I was very religious (as opposed to spiritual) and had all the hang-ups and narrow thinking that goes along with that. I was shocked to my very core to find myself “divorced” after years of subconsciously looking down on people who couldn’t seem to make their marriages work. How arrogant I was!

I don’t need to tell you, it came as a huge surprise that no one really cared I was divorced. Or even gave it much of a second thought.

All the issues were inside my own head.


And this was just the beginning of breaking down mountains of incorrect thinking that was holding me back in life. Holding me back from reaching my potential and being the best I could be (stop and think about it – maybe this is you right now…..).

When people ask me “how did I transform so radically later in life” a big part of my answer is being open to change – being willing to try something new – for me this was and still is – one of the most powerful transformational tools.


Because, change forces you to grow – it uncovers weaknesses and strengthens them, it develops new skills so you become more efficient in your efforts that enable you to get faster results.

It’s no surprise that simple truths like this transcend across many aspects of life – and even into our quest for our best body.

If you’ve been doing the same things, the same training, with the same head-set – yet expecting different/better results – then maybe this blog post today is for you!

I challenge you to put your old thinking aside for a moment and consider…


What if just a few simple changes to the way I do things – could result in exponentially big changes in my physique? Would I be prepared to get out of my comfort zone, be open to change and stick with it?

If so, watch this short video!

Click Here to Start Your Transformational Change Today!


~ Take the Change Challenge ~


  1. Deep Walking Lunges: 30 (count 1 for each lunge)

  2. Extended Leg Touch Down: 10-15 each leg

  3. Angled Front Lunges: 20 each side

  • Beginner: 1 Circuit

  • Intermediate: 2 Circuits

  • Advanced: 3 Circuits

Note: Asymmetrical Variance Training creates deeper and faster muscle stimulation to produce changes to your body in shorter amounts of time — and with less stress and strain on your body.

The simple exercises I demonstrate in this video illustrate the power of change. By simply changing the range of motion, the angle and muscle strength required for balance and controlled explosive poweryou can dramatically change how your body looks in a very short space of time. Simply because the muscle fiber stimulation is so intense and different from what you have been doing in the past.

Sounds too easy right?

It is when you have the right program & guidance.

If you are prepared to CHANGE!


The awesome thing I have discovered about change is – that when you open the door, when you step out in faith, when you take that leap – someone is always there to support you. But you have to take that step first, you have to let go before there’s a hand to hold onto.

So, here I am with my Aussie Transformation Coach site – created for you – created to help you change, to transformation – to achieve your genetic potential and ultimate body. I’m here to gently coach, guide and support you.

But it’s up to you…to take that first step, to be ready to….change.







Click Here to Start Your Transformational Change Today!


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Alix October 26, 2012 at 8:04 am

You film this wrigt in front of my house!!! wao. My house is just across of that playground next to where you film this video.
Thanks for the tips. I will try them now.


maryann cannon September 16, 2012 at 10:13 am

Hi Belinda,
forgot the Paleo eating system, is this different than your eating program?



Belinda September 17, 2012 at 9:47 am

Hi Maryann – yes it is. Mine is not as restrictive in terms of the foods you can eat. Bel xo


maryann cannon September 16, 2012 at 10:10 am

Hi Belinda,
I am still interested in starting the Get Lean Program. I have fallen into a rut I regained weight back. I have so many questions hope you don’t mind. I have had a torn minecus for years was able to work with it but my squats were very limited. I am looking to do a complete change, building muscle and tone and lose of alot of body fat (Weight) does our body know where it needs to be in terms of body fat and weight. I quess what I’m saying is at what point do we stop loosing weight with muscle replacement. Also need to take the right suppliments (Prograde) how good is this product and what would you reccomment I do. I don’t have a clue on a cardio program as I quit the gym last year, but I have replaced it with a walk/run work out but not sure how many times a week I should be doing this in order to the get the results I want. I do have weights,ab wheel, and the rubber bands with handels. I want to do Get Lean, the only thing holding me back is I have problems downloading videos, I would love DVD.
Are your videos work out instructions. The only thing I have ever known was the use of diet pills and I know thats why I am where I am at this point, I am 55years old but more like 40 in mind looks and spirit. I believe age is only a number ,and I know I can be awesome with the right coach, direction and motivations and support. Sorry for so many questions, I just don’t want to order another program and not get the results I am looking for. Tired of being on a hampster wheel.
Thank You Again


Belinda September 17, 2012 at 10:26 am

Hi Maryann,

I hear you and there are many women out there with similar stories – especially on the diet pills and roller coaster and hamster wheel. No wonder your head is spinning, not to mention your body. I absolutely know Get Lean will work for you – for many reasons – not the least of which you mention, changing your body composition by building more muscle and losing body fat with the right workouts and a sustainable eating plan longer term.

I want you to succeed just as much, that’s why I’ve put so much into this program, to give you all the tools, coaching and guidance.

All the videos are me coaching you through the workouts. Because I want you to feel like you’re not just buying another program try out this workout and see how you enjoy it, if you feel sore the next day and the effect on your body: Belinda’s Sexy Butt Workout

If you like it, then you’ll love my program!

Belinda xoxo


Lauri July 20, 2012 at 11:44 am

Hi Belinda!

LOVE your transformation, and your attitude! You are truly an inspiration!

I am wondering, does your program target cellulite like Joey’s does, or am I going to need both? Just wondering because my but has cellulite, especially when I squeeze it, and ripples up (like bunched up skin) when I stick my leg out to the side :(. I have lost some weight recently, but still have at the very least 35lbs more to go. Maybe even more. I am concerned about shedding my weight, and then being a saggy baggy mess :(.

Also, I am working on moving to a raw food diet. I may include some salmon and such, especially at the beginning. But no gluten. Would I be able to follow the nutrition plan anyway? And how about substitutions?

Sorry for all of the questions. I would love to get started right away!



Belinda July 20, 2012 at 12:18 pm

Hi Lauri – thank you :) :)

Get Lean focuses on the full body, to shape, firm, sculpt and get rid of cellulite. It offers full body circuits with 2 types of training (bodyweight and resistance at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels). And has a 90 day nutrition plan with all the daily meals and recipes laid out in detail. Plus we have the members area for personalized coaching.

Based on what you’ve told me here, the Get Lean Program is ideal because it will help you reduce your weight gradually while building muscle simultaneously to minimize the sagging that can come from rapid and/or significant weight loss and prevent the cellulite from worsening. The rate of improvement will depend on how your progress through the workouts – once inside the coaching area you can read about other’s experiences and see their progress pics – which will not only inspire you, but give you a good idea what to expect going forward.

Re the raw foods, yes you can adapt the nutrition program, salmon is good (there are a few fish recipes) and if you wish you can use vegetarian or vegan protein substitutes (there are a few vegetarian recipes in the program also). I have a substitution guide and if you go ahead and purchase, email me and I will send you the vegetarian supplement I am working on right now which has some awesome recipes).

No worries on the questions – I love helping people achieve their dream body!



Lauri July 20, 2012 at 12:36 pm

Thank you so much Belinda!

I know you say it targets cellulite, but what about ripples? I don’t know what is happening. I turned 41 in April and as much as I thought looking older would never happen to me, it feels like it is starting to happen :(. I guess all I can do is my best, right?

What type of equipment would I need?

As far as eating, that sounds great! I would also love to include quinoa and sprouted legumes such as lentils, chickpeas, etc. Would those count? Not into tofu, really, although I will eat edamame.

If I don’t need to get equipment, I’ll start Monday!

Thank you!



Belinda July 20, 2012 at 12:42 pm


I hear you on the getting older lol, be thankful you are not in denial and are being proactive. 41 is still very young :) The rippling is due to a combo of excess skin and lack of muscle tone. It can be improved. You need to make a decision though to commit to this healthy, fit lifestyle for the long term – believe me, you won’t look back!

Yes of course on the quinoa – its a fantastic substitute and we have a few recipes with it. Sprouted grains are also a excellent.

The bodyweight workouts require no equipment and the resistance training uses dumbbells, a body bar, bench and exercise ball.

There are several workouts of the month in the members area that require no equipment and will be a good starting point for you. Once you join and get inside, post in the forum in the newbies area and I will point you in the right direction to get started :)

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Belinda xo


Kelley July 17, 2012 at 1:54 pm

Hi Belinda!
Thanks for sharing these great butt-lifting, leg sculpting moves with us. I have been doing lunges for many years… but typically the “traditional” lunge that you demonstrated at the beginning. I’m eager to try your Asymmetrical Variance Training to help break out of my butt rut :-).


Belinda July 18, 2012 at 7:49 am

Kelley my friend…. LOL…butt rut :)

I think you have access to my ATC member’s site, I am going to send you a direct link to my Sexy Butt Workout, you are going to LOVE it!



Linda July 10, 2012 at 5:43 pm

Hi Belinda,

I am interested in this package you are offering but I prefer DVD’s. Are you planning to offer this in a DVD version?


Belinda July 10, 2012 at 7:56 pm

Hi Linda,

In the future I plan to offer a DVD Get Lean Workout Program – but it’s at least 6 months away!

P.S. The current program comes with Workout Memory Joggers that are loadable to your cell/mobile phone – if that’s of help!


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