The REAL Secret For Ageless Skin

by Belinda on September 18, 2012

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This is something that every woman who cares about the beauty and health of her skin absolutely MUST hear.

A big passion of mine is having flawless skin, from top to toe.

I went through just about every skin problem there is as both a teenager and adult – from cellulite, to sagging, wrinkling, acne and sun damage.

I feel like a big portion of my life was stolen from me because I didn’t live with confidence or feel good about the way I looked.

Some of you might also know I used to work in the cosmetic industry for Revlon, Clinique and Shiseido.  I’ve had over a decade of executive experience in “Big Beauty” before I got into fitness.

And I can tell you that all of the “product” in your medicine cabinet (that didn’t work) is the result of exceptional marketing.

The reason all of those jars and tubes didn’t work isn’t because of buying the wrong brand. And it’s not that you need to try something else. It’s because lotions, serums, creams, tonics, makeup – even Botox and surgery…

…deal only with the symptoms of aging – not the cause.

But there is a REAL solution to pressing the rewind button on your skin and it will be released to you very soon when I launch my brand new Super Sexy Skin program.

This program is really, really near and dear to my heart. After working in the cosmetic industry at the executive level for 10 years, I can tell you firsthand that Big Beauty doesn’t want you to know The Truth About Aging.

I knew I was onto something BIG when I saw what Super Sexy Skin did for me in my 40’s.   But I wanted PROOF this would work for ANYONE, no matter what their age, skin type or condition.

So I emailed my subscribers offering the exciting opportunity to trial the program.

My Help Desk was swamped with replies.  You uploaded your photos, told me your stories, problems, fears and hopes.  In fact, the response was so overwhelming, my Help Desk crashed!   I remember thinking… women NEED this program.

Over the next 28-Days 20 very special women trialed Super Sexy Skin.

Their results were way, way, WAY beyond what I ever hoped or imagine could be possible.

Here’s a sneak peek. 


REAL beauty doesn’t come from treating the symptoms of aging. 


You see…

The skin’s health and glow (or lack thereof) are just signs of what’s happening inside of your body. And that’s where Super Sexy Skin devotes 100% of its focus.

Super Sexy Skin naturally reveals youthful radiance – through inside-out beautification.

It’s not about trying to cover up aging with topical creams, chemicals, serums, injections or makeup.

The Super Sexy Skin Program is all about clearing away the junk that’s actually causing wrinkles, sagging, dullness, dark under eye circles, acne and those annoying mystery spots.

I can’t wait to show you all the INCREDIBLE before and after photos, stories and results from the Super Sexy Skin Trial and for you to meet all the very special women who participated. But for now, here’s just a peek of what’s in store for you.

Suzanne van der Molen’s Super Sexy Skin Trial <<<


I’ll be sharing more results and stories over the coming weeks but today I’m beyond excited; getting Super Sexy Skin to this point has been an amazing adventure.

I promise, this will change your morning beauty ritual in profound ways.

And this is not just about your skin, it’s also about the change that occurs on an emotional level when you detoxify yourself from years and years of negative brainwashing that Big Beauty has programmed you with.

You’ll wonder, “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me this before?!?!


P.S. Discover how you can Press the Rewind Button on Aging….starting tomorrow morning!! 

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Anne-Berte September 22, 2014 at 6:16 am

Hey Belinda!
I am working With the program ” Fit Women up ” With Tony Atlas. I am 53 years old. My bodie is getting firmer and sexier. So I Wonder if the face also could be firmer With eksercise. And so here you are With a solution. I’m so excited to hear more about it :-) Thank you! Best regards Anne-Berte from Norway


Belinda September 22, 2014 at 1:38 pm

Hi Anne-Berte, wonderful to hear you’re exercising and your body is getting firmer and sexier – I love to hear that. Yes absolutely on the face becoming firmer through stimulating the muscles. The special Shiatsu pressure points and massage to you help deliver anti-aging nutrients directly into the skin cells, release toxins (it’s the accumulation of toxins that many scientists believe are the number one cause of aging) and you stimulate the muscles to become fuller and more ‘toned’, ‘lifting’ the sagging areas of our face. I’ll be sharing more about this in coming blogs and the program will be released for the very first time ever, next month, I am so excited to get this into the hands of women and give them the answer to younger skin! Bel xo


Anne-Berte September 23, 2014 at 8:52 am

I am so exited and looking forward to get this program. Can I ask, do you work out every day? And how much time? You look absolutly gorgeous and are a great role model for all women. Thank you! Best regards Anne-Berte


Belinda September 23, 2014 at 2:41 pm

Hello Anne-Berte, thank you for your sweet comments. I workout about 5 days a week; usually my workouts are short and intense, 30 minutes up to 45 minutes (often just bodyweight). Sometimes I’ll add an extra cardio session in like a bike ride. I’ve discovered that sustainable, long term results are best achieved this way – which of course needs to be combined with healthy, balanced eating – with a few weekly treats. Especially as the years go by into our 40’s and onwards, we need to train with longevity in mind, making sure our joints, ligaments and tendons are protected and we are doing the right kind of exercises to keep our bodies in great shape for decades to come – in other words, that enhance our health and wellbeing rather than burning us out! Bel xo


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