The Truth About Being Lean, Cellulite Free & Sculpted

by Belinda on August 9, 2012

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Maybe you’re here today because you are unhappy with your body.  Or you want to know more about what I can do for you. Either way, since you are reading this, it’s safe to assume you are seeking permanent, long-term results.

Today I present to you the TRUTH.


No hyped up claims, quick fixes or magic bullets that leave you feeling ripped off and looking worse.  I want to share, from my first hand experiences – the shockingly simple solution you have been searching for.

You see, at the age of 37 – I was a chubby, cellulite ridden corporate executive, who thought all that mattered was being the perfect wife and high achiever.  But my body paid the price.  I had never exercised in my life and lived on a diet of sugar, fat and coffee.

One day in a department store dressing room – I was brought to tears by the sudden discovery that under my executive suit and stockings – my body had somehow turned into a cellulite ridden, flabby mess.

Thus began the journey to discover how this had happened and what I could do about it.

I know I can help you because I have walked in your shoes, well maybe not exactly – but enough to know the pain, despair and sadness that comes from being very unhappy with your body on a daily basis.  Maybe you think, “there has to be more to my life than this…”. I can help, so keep reading.


The first critical step is deciding what your achieving

your ultimate dream body truly means to you.


Think about it.

What are you prepared to do to get the body you want?  Are you considering a high-risk, short-fix expensive easy-out passive solution based on invasive procedures like liposuction, injections, implants and surgery? Procedures that have a high risk of making things worse.

Or maybe you are already taking dangerous fat burners that put your health at risk, wreck your metabolism and make weight loss even harder.

Like many girls who come to me, you’ve probably wasted a lot of time and money on fads and empty promises, personal training, gym memberships, diet plans – that have all failed.  Leaving you discouraged, angry and frustrated.

Do you want a solution where you have total control over your body and what it looks like? Where instead of health risks you have health benefits?  Where you are no longer guessing or wondering, “Am I doing the right thing”?

Imagine being able to live with your ultimate dream body that’s sustainable long term. Knowing how to remain beautiful and sexy long into your latter years – without having to resort to dangerous supplements, extreme diets or workout regimes, surgery or artificial means.  Imagine how empowering that would be?  How liberating?

Listen.  You can sculpt, re-shape and even re-engineer your body – from the inside out – without expensive, risky and invasive procedures.

If this sounds like the solution you are looking for then you need to take a “total body” approach. Even if you’re primarily interested in shaping up one body part, you still need to work out your entire body. Not only does this boost your metabolism, but it gives you a symmetrical, feminine, sexy and strong body shape.

Here’s how you’re going to do it:

  1. Strategically build your muscle density with the right exercises.

This is where the power of shaping and sculpting comes into play. If you do the right types of exercises, you can actually shape and sculpt your body by selectively building and lifting certain muscles.

  1. Get rid of flabby unwanted fat with the right diet.

You can lift and shape your muscles perfectly, but it’s not going to have much of an effect on your body if you don’t shed the excess fat over these muscles. Indeed, holding extra fat over your body is like wearing loose, bulky clothing – no one can see your beautiful body underneath!


Ultimately you need to decide what YOU want

for your body and health, long term.


Do you want total control over your body with all the long-term health benefits that goes with that intelligent choice – or for example, would you consider placing your life in the hands of a doctor or surgeon who with even the best of intentions still puts you at risk of an unknown outcome? Even if you get great results the problem could come back or be made worse – indeed, it WILL come back if you don’t make positive changes to your lifestyle.

I hope like me, you’ve realized you have the power to change your body from the inside out – without putting your life or health at risk.  You may need a little support, guidance, encouragement and coaching – so I am here to help you!

Questions?  Please post below or on any of the above articles and I will be back to reply very soon.

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Jules November 23, 2014 at 11:12 pm

Hi Belinda,
When you started your transformation, did it take you long to see results? I’m wondering if I’m 127lbs 5’6 and 21% body fat with some cellulite on my legs…how long(if I work out with weights 5 days a week& eat properly) will it take to see results? If I want to get to 15% body fat…is losing 1 pound a week a reasonable goal for me? So I’d be down 12 pounds in 3 months…

I see you did photo shoots and I saw your transformation on body :) AMAZING!! Did you start at the gym with a five day body part split??

Thanks so much for the articles and the reply!!


Belinda November 23, 2014 at 11:37 pm

Hi Jules, lovely to meet you :)

In my case, I originally had never exercised before the age of 37, had a ton of cellulite. It all started with learning to surf. The transformation you saw on that website was the first time I used weights or even stepped inside a gym. That was over 2 months and I did full body weight training circuits (similar to what you’ll find in my Get Lean Program for Resistance Training), swimming and bike. Since then I’ve discovered that for many women either pure bodyweight – and sometimes fusion style training works really well to get in amazing shape (especially for getting rid of cellulite). See this post and workout where I explain why:

Without seeing photos and based on your stats, I think 3 months is a reasonable time frame. However, I don’t like aiming for a specific body fat % because everyone woman is unique – and 18% on one looks very different to 18% on another. So I’d be focusing to get rid of the cellulite while reducing a couple of % and see how you look. It’s not just about the body fat – it about the body fat to muscle ratio and since you are not “overweight” I’d be focusing on building muscle density to firm, tone and shape your body from the inside out. I hope this helps! Bel


Manuela August 30, 2012 at 9:20 am

Hi , I have been following your steps with cellulite! I do all the lunges correctly and have watched your video on helping cellulite in your legs and butt!! I am a very toned girl! Strong abs and arms! I do have strong legs too but I have hard cellulite on my legs! No matter how toned I get I still have it! What should I be doing??? I feel so cheated! All my hard work and this has got me down ! Is hard cellulite harder to treat??


Belinda September 14, 2012 at 10:11 pm

Hi Manuela, the example exercises are from my Get Lean Program and the complete routine ensures all the muscles are activated deeply and evenly so that the surface of the skin is smoothed out. Lunges are awesome but need to be combined with other exercises also.

When you say “hard cellulite” what exactly do you mean?

What is your nutrition like? That could offer some insight also.

I am sorry to hear you feel discouraged – please know that many girls have felt the same way but found with the right program and eating plan they were able to see big improvements. Don’t give up!

Bel xo


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