All About Diets: Mistakes To Avoid & What To Do

by Belinda on April 1, 2016

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Losing weight shouldn’t be hard! By that I mean constantly trying new diets and exercise programs only to be frustrated, disappointed and discouraged, yet again. You can get your dream body but it’s not in some magic rapid fat loss diet, supplement or extreme program.

I know this because I’ve done it myself in my 40’s and had the honor of helping thousands of women do it too. I’m the one they come to after trying “everything”. Here’s one of my clients, Olivia from Melbourne, Australia who achieved her dream of getting a lean 6-pack after years of yo-yo dieting.


Today she’s still in amazing shape!  And this wasn’t achieved through fads, crazy dieting or insane exercise.  Whether you’d just love to get back into your old clothes or skinny jeans – or get in the best shape of your life, keep reading!

As a transformation coach I’ve seen far too many women waste time, energy, money and years of their life trying one failed program after another. I feel frustrated when I see yet another “Rapid Fat Loss” product playing on fears and insecurities, offering an overnight magic bullet.

The solution is simpler and easier than you could ever imagine!

Many years ago when I was just starting out and learning the ropes — I realized that people who make things complicated and hard to understand often are peddling rubbish and don’t really know the answer themselves. On other hand, those who make things simple and straightforward — are the ones we should be listening to….

So today I’m going to break it down and give you the simple take-home-truths that can change your body and life forever. Remember, I’ve got the inside information on fat loss. I’ve worked with experts in the industry for years but more importantly coached thousands of women. It saddens me to hear about all the myths, lies and fads being perpetuated about “rapid fat loss”. But more upsetting are the consequences.

Here’s just a few snippets from various messages I’ve received recently…

I’m a sugar and carb addict. I have this bad habit of starving myself during the week then stuffing myself on the weekend and the 4 pounds I lost goes right back on.

My weight has yo-yo’d most of my life and I am sick and tired of it. The way I see myself is affecting me every single day.

I’ve tried every diet known to man, diet pills, no carbs and I failed at all of them. I ended up putting on more weight after each one.

The last 15 years has been non-stop dieting, overeating and starving….a roller-coaster ride. I hate looking at myself in the mirror.

I’ve been skinny fat since my 20’s. I’ve always be able to hide my cellulite and saddlebags in clothes because of my size. I’ve never had to worry about what I eat but since turning 40 I can no longer lose 10 lbs by starving myself for a few days. The fat won’t budge and my cellulite is getting worse. Help!

If you can relate to any of these then you know what I’m talking about…don’t despair — there is hope! I can’t tell you the number of women who within just a few short weeks of changing their eating habits and exercise routine are shocked at the changes they see in the mirror. And it’s not just visual changes. It’s emotional changes. Feeling calmer and more controlled. Sleeping better and waking up full of positive energy. No crazy cravings. Looking forward to working out with a new lease of life. You can experience this too.

The first step today is self-awareness. So ask yourself if you’ve tried any diets or programs based on these misleading porkie pies (that’s old English slang for lies lol):

The 4 Big Rapid Fat Loss Lies


1. Body Chemistry Manipulation

There are a myriad of programs talking all sort of scientific sounding goobly-gook. Designed to manipulate the way your body processes the foods you eat to avoid storing excess calories as fat or to burn fat faster. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes these programs are based on valid scientific studies. But that doesn’t mean the diet is scientifically validated as producing the same results. And often strategies behind these programs originate from industries like bodybuilding where body fat is manipulated in an unhealthy, unsustainable way.

Here’s the deal. Once you start trying to manipulate your body chemistry you’re on a very slippery slope. Especially for women, it’s very easy to disrupt your natural hormonal balance (leading to sleep, emotional and metabolism problems). Your body is designed to find it’s own natural balance, a process known as homeostasis. Eating a diet full of healthy, whole, natural foods will optimize fat loss, enabling your body to extract the nutrients it needs and burn off the excess calories.

2. “Natural” Supplements

Yes it’s enticing to think that a pill or powder can help you lose weight but unless you are already incredibly lean the percentage contained in the product has little to no effect. And just because something is “natural” doesn’t mean it’s safe, effective or healthy. In fact, there’s an escalating tide of “natural supplements” that are being exposed as not even containing the ingredients listed or worse, containing additional ingredients that in some cases are potentially very harmful. And ask yourself the same question I did several years ago…if I start taking this to get the body I want, then does that mean I’ll have to keep taking it (forever) to maintain it?  Either way, it’s best not to go there in the first place.

3. Calorie Deprivation

We’ve probably all tried this method at some time in our lives! My own Mum until recently used her “fruit juice fast” for years. Let me put it this way. For every action there is a reaction. You deprive yourself of the calories and nutrients your body needs to function — yes you may lose weight — but it will come right back on again.

4. Cardio Compensation

Doing tons of cardio (especially running, the treadmill or other similar machines) cannot counter-balance a bad diet, alcohol, treats or excess calories. It may help manage excessive weight gain — but it won’t get you lean. It wears your body out and ages you prematurely. It also makes cellulite worse simply because you’re degrading the muscle that’s designed to support the skin, keeping it firm and smooth (otherwise known as the “skinny-fat-syndrome”).

If you can relate to any of this today, it’s not your fault you haven’t achieved the results you’ve hoped for. Rapid fat loss myths focus on instant gratification — getting quick, fast results. But ironically this backfires; you gain back the weight and feel even worse than before.r

Here’s the simple, logical and sustainable solution.


1. Eat Whole, Unprocessed, Nutrient-Dense Foods

Your body is designed to function on a healthy balance of complex carbohydrates, healthy fats and lean protein. Eating natural unprocessed foods that are as fresh as possible (farmers market, organic or local) will provide your body everything it needs to function at it’s best, get your metabolism firing on all cylinders and naturally balance your hormones.

2. Eat The Right Portion Sizes

For 99% of women, understanding how much they need to eat is the key. Calories in, energy burned during the day equals a fat surplus or deficit. Remember, not all calories are created equal. Two hundred calories of icecream affects your body very differently to 200 calories of raw almonds. Most women on my program complain they feel like they are eating too much lol..yet they lose weight? Why? Because of the foods they are eating!

3. Eat At Regular Times

If you’ve been on the rapid fat loss rollercoaster — then you’ve probably got into bad habits like skipping breakfast, snacking at odd times, depriving yourself during the day then indulging at night. Don’t beat yourself up. This is simply because your body feels deprived and there is a rebound effect. You’ll be amazed how the simple act of spacing out your meals and snacks at regular intervals makes all the difference in the world.

4. Build Fat Burning Muscle To Tone & Reshape Body

Once you have your eating sorted…here’s where dramatic transformation becomes a reality and where most women miss the mark.

Did you know that your fat burning metabolism (or metabolic rate) is largely due to how much muscle you carry? Even a modest gain of body toning muscle can burn up a lot of extra calories over the course of a month. It’s becomes easy to maintain the weight you feel good at — without depriving yourself.

Think about this equation:

Reduce Body Fat + Build Lean Muscle = Dream Body


Raising your metabolism through building lean muscle is the real key to long-term fat loss and body reshaping.

Now I’m NOT talking about muscle volume (getting bigger or “muscley”)..I’m talking about muscle density — increasing the strength of your muscle fibers to firm and tone your body from the inside out.




Here’s why I am so passionate about all this.

I believe that when you have the right information you can easily get the body of your dreams. It’s not the speed at which you lose weight that matters, it’s the method. I’ve had success after success of helping people lose the stubborn weight that’s plagued them for years and keep it off.

If you lose weight through the right exercise and balanced clean eating — then it isn’t a problem to maintain your new body. On the other hand, if you lose weight through more extreme measures, like starvation, cleanses, or crazy crash diets — it’s much more likely all the weight you lost will come right back just as quickly.

Imagine how it will feel to finally stop stressing about whether you’re doing everything right. Able to enjoy the journey of your life, enjoy eating your food without guilt and enjoy working out — knowing what you’re doing is making a visible difference?

I hope the truths I’ve shared today have helped shift your focus from all the things you feel like you’re doing wrong to believing you CAN do this. Because it really isn’t hard…it’s simply about having the right, solid commonsense information to make a few simple adjustments to your day — that over the long term will add up to big results.
Bel xo

P.S. If this blog has spoken to you today and you’d like a down-to-earth and doable plan to getting in great shape — then check out my Get Lean Program. It’s a 12 week complete transformational program that literally takes you by the hand and walks you step by step to losing weight, getting rid of cellulite and building lean, body toning muscle — in a healthy and sustainable way.

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