Tips for Staying on Track

by Belinda on April 2, 2011

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Some of the tools that you need to stay on track with your Transformation are found within; others are just plain practical things that you can do to avoid those temptations that steer you off track.

I know this better than anybody! I love sweets, and that is always a challenge for me. So, my little trick is to have some small, hard candies around so that when the craving hits, I suck on one of these (which takes time) and the craving passes without any residual lasting effects landing on my butt!

So, what is your food temptation, and what alternate choice can you make that will keep the craving (and the damage) to a minimum?

I’d love to hear about it!

If you crave chocolate, then how about keeping a dark chocolate bar around the house and just taking one square to handle the craving? Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants and experiencing it as an indulgence will make it feel like a guilty pleasure and a treat!

If you crave something salty, be sure to steer clear of anything that’s both salty and fried such as potato chips. You can quickly make your own pita chips and flavor them with garlic and oil:

  • Cut your pita into desired shapes
  • Crush a clove of garlic and soak in Olive Oil
  • Brush the Pita pieces in Olive Oil
  • Bake in a 350 degree oven until crisp

Going Low-Fat is easier than you may think! Many of your old favorites and comfort foods call for high fat dairy ingredients. It’s what gives those sauces the creamy texture that you’ve grown to love! However, did you know that by substituting those creams with Greek yogurt and other low-fat, high protein alternatives can give you a healthy boost and keep you on track?

For example, try substituting Greek yogurt and some sweet potatoes in your favorite potato salad. For a great veggie dip combine yogurt and your favorite spice mix for a great, healthy alternative to higher fat sour cream. Another great thickener is low fat soymilk, low fat sour cream, evaporated skim milk or cornstarch.

I talk a lot about healthy alternatives in the Get Lean Celebration Cookbook!

I Scream, You Scream we all Scream for Ice Cream! Most commercial brands of ice cream are loaded with sugar and ingredients that you can’t pronounce! Choose brands that stay as close to nature and “real” ingredients as possible. Another option is to make a great fruit smoothie using Almond Milk or Soy Milk and lots of ice for an instant treat, or freeze the mixture in Dixie cups with a popsicle stick inserted for a frozen treat later on.

See, you don’t need to “suffer”…

Until next time…


Your Aussie Transformation Coach

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