Transforming The Female Body: Exercising For Results

by Belinda on May 27, 2014

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If you’re like many women that message me for help, you’re frustrated with not getting the results you want and deserve. You’re not alone. Every day I hear from women just like you, struggling to find the answer to a lean, defined and toned body.

Here’s the thing..

It’s not nearly as hard or as difficult as you think right now.

In fact, once you understand a few simple but powerful truths about how to transform your body and achieve lasting change – things will start improving very quickly.

Today I’m going to show you how to tone your body, reduce cellulite and lose weight – the healthy way.  No matter what your starting point, fitness level or age.

Why should you pay attention to me?

Because most of my life I never exercised, I ate rubbish, was full of cellulite and flabbiness and I know what it feels like to hit rock bottom. This was me in my mid 30’s (before) and then in my late 40’s (after).


But one day around my 40th birthday, I decided enough was enough. I began fitness modeling in my 40’s and today I help thousands of women around the world be the best they can be.

I understand how the roller coaster of weight loss and gain makes you feel. I know how those hormonal changes can throw things into chaos. I know what it feels like to almost give up. But don’t – keep reading!

~ Things to Avoid ~


  • Too Much Steady State Cardio

This is probably the most common mistake women make.   OK I know you may love to run…you may love the stepper, the elliptical or the bike but long sessions done at the same pace (speed) do not burn fat efficiently. In fact it can have the opposite effect. Your body adapts and gets very good at holding onto fat.   I’ve seen amazing results when these women switch up their training and start doing the types of workouts I talk about at the end of this blog.

  • Training The Same As When You Were Younger

Many women think they can train like they used to and get the same results. This often leads to frustration and exhaustion. Here’s the thing. Your body has changed. Your hormones have changed. Your metabolism has slowed, your recovery isn’t as fast and you’re more prone to muscle strain and injuries. You need to rethink your approach. You can lose weight, you can look and feel great again – but it means training specifically for where your body and hormones are at right now. 

  • Over-Training

Many women tell me they train 4 times a week, run 3 times and do 2 classes – yet have cellulite and are overweight. Yes they are strong, yes they are fit – but the fat stubbornly refuses to budge. If this is the case for you then you might be surprised the solution isn’t training harder – but smarter.

Here are a few symptoms of over training:

  • Poor sleep.
  • Moodiness (low anger threshold, easily irritated).
  • Feeling wired but tired.
  • Injury and illness prone.
  • Weight plateau or gaining weight.
  • Lack of motivation or hyper-motivated.

If you can say yes to three or more of these then over training might be the problem. Don’t worry the solution is easy (keep reading) and your body will recover back to fat burning mode quickly.

  • High-Impact Exercise

Workouts that use heavy weights, explosive or repetitive movements or that include a lot of jumping can put strain on your joints, ligaments and tendons – especially as your hormones start changing and you become more prone to inflammation.  You can still get great results without pushing your body to it’s limits.  You can lose weight, tone and reshape your body with gentle body weight exercise – when done correctly with the right form and technique. I’ll show you how in the videos below.


~ How To Enjoy It ~


  • Avoid Extremes: A Lifestyle Not A Diet

Long-term results come from a lifestyle of healthy choices – not extreme diets or training programs.  Crazy workout schedules and the diet mentality undermines many weight-loss programs. We end up feeling exhausted and deprived.  And this leads to rebound weight gain.

This is all about a healthy lifestyle changefor long term results.

Imagine an Eating Plan where you aren’t held to ransom by food cravings? Imagine enjoying short but effective workouts – and feeling energize and invigorated? Image living in a body you love for years and years to come that’s easily sustainable? Yes it’s possible.

  • Consistency Not Perfection

This is NOT an all or nothing approach. Many women think “everything” has to be exactly on track or you feel like you’ve blown it, ruined your chances of succeeding, failed once again. This is a self-defeating and self-sabotaging attitude.

It’s time to learn how to love yourself not punish yourself. Be kind and generous to yourself. Bend don’t break.   I’ve coached hundreds of women through this challenge. It’s incredibly liberating to be able to take a day off, enjoy a few treats without feeling guilty and without throwing the towel in. You can do it – it’s simply a decision to let go of having to be perfect and focus instead on being consistent.


~ What To Do ~


  • Target Your Female Trouble Zones 

This is the big one, so listen carefully. If you’ve been doing the same workout program for a while and seeing no results then it’s time for a rethink. Hey, it’s information overload out there with so many workouts, programs and exercises to choose from…..

But what really works – for the female body?

I asked myself this question when I first started in fitness modeling in my mid 40’s. I wanted to lift and firm my butt. I wanted my butt cheek crease to “smile”. I wanted to get rid of that banana area under my butt. I wanted defined inner thighs and tighter outer thighs, a flat tummy and firm, tight arms. Which led me on a journey to discover the exact exercises women need to get these results:

1. Exercises that are designed specifically for the female body post-35, to firm, tone, lift and reduce cellulite without putting undue strain on your joints, ligaments and tendons.

2. Short, efficient, fusion style workouts combining the best of  bodyweightisometrics, full body fat burning circuits and free weights.

3. Using your mind-to-muscle connection to consciously activate the target muscles in the trouble zones. To develop muscle density so you can shape, tighten and lift from the inside out.  This is my best well kept secret and I’ll show you how in the video below.

~ Your Workout Options ~


Depending on your current fitness level here are 2 Workout Options for you.

1. Beginner and for those who need low-impact lower body toning: Low-Impact High-Results Routine <<

2. Advanced for fit and strong girls who want a challenge: Bel’s Nice Butt Workout <<  (prepare to burn!)

See The Results Of My Coaching Here:



If you’ve been struggling to lose weight and get a lean, defined and toned body, it’s not your fault. This doesn’t have to be a hit and miss thing. I’ve done the work for you by developing a proven system that thousands of women around the world have successfully used to transform – to achieve their best body.

It simply requires being open to change and rethinking your approach.

Please let me know if this blog has helped you by posting below and if you have questions – I am here to listen and answer!

Bel xo

P.S. If you’d like a female specific plan to getting in great shape that’s especially created for the 40-Plus woman — then please check out my Get Lean Program. It’s a 12 week complete transformational guide that takes you by the hand and walks you step by step to losing weight, reducing cellulite and building lean, body toning muscle — in a healthy and sustainable way. You deserve the body you want and I’m here to help you make it happen.





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Sheila Hogan July 5, 2017 at 1:48 pm

Hey Bel! I have really enjoyed learning from u! I just recently discovered u! I love the advanced butt workout by the ocean! Question…how many times a week do u workout your butt w this workout and how many recovery days in between. Do u workout 5-6 days a week w a different body part each session? Thank you!


Belinda July 5, 2017 at 2:41 pm

Hi Sheila, awesome to hear this! I would recommend 3 times a week with one rest day in between. This is all you need to do for the lower body. My training varies according to my goals and my work. I find best results come from 3 times a week for the lower and two for the upper body and core. I hope this helps, I’d love to coach you on my Get Lean Program! Bel XO


anita rathi June 15, 2017 at 8:47 pm

Good work out for weight loss at age 40


Belinda June 15, 2017 at 10:14 pm

Thank you Anita! XO


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