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by Belinda on August 23, 2010

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4. Read this short message about the Get Lean Program:

As you know I normally work with women via my online coaching site who are tired of just accepting an average body (when they know there’s something extraordinary waiting to be unleashed). 

Women who often feel like they are doing all the right things (or almost lol) but still not seeing results they know they are capable of.

Maybe you’ve just been so caught up in your busy schedule and demanding life, that you’ve lost touch with the person who you know you could be – if only you had the right guidance and support.

It doesn’t matter where you are right now – whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned professional, it matters only that you know you are capable of more given the right help – and that you’re prepared to do what it takes to get there.

Like me, you’ve probably looked in the mirror and thought, “what happened to my body?”. 

Like me you’ve probably questioned…..

“Will I ever get there?”

“Can I really become the woman I imagine myself to be?”

During my journey from being an chubby middle aged executive to international fitness model, I developed a proven and powerful Get Lean Ultimate Body Transformation System that works no matter what your age, fitness level or body type.  

  • The eating plan and exercises are designed to 1) maximize your fat metabolism 2) eliminate excess body fat and 3) tone and strengthen your muscles to reshape your body.
  • Reduce your body fat % to create a naturally sexy lean, feminine and fit physique.
  • Take your muscle density up a few notches to sculpt, tone and define your legs, tummy & arms.
  • Balance your hormones with the right foods and exercises to eliminate uneven fat distribution and help deal with frustrating mood swings and emotional eating.
  • Tighten up and firm your skin to show off your new body.
  • Bottom line, by combining the right foods, portion sizes and meal timing with the correct exercises, volume and intensity you will take your body beyond what you ever thought possible.

If you want to lose weight and get in great shape without feeling hungry, deprived or exhausted.

If you want to enjoy the process of transforming your body and make this a lifestyle for the long term.

If you want to know what you’re doing is exactly right for your specific body type and goals.

And if you want to do all this in 90 Days.

All at the same time while you’re getting personalized support, motivation and guidance from me….

Then Get Lean is for you.

If you are an advanced athlete the program will definitely take you to next level just through my Resistance Workouts alone.

If you’re just starting out or getting back into it and want to bypass your learning curve and do things the right way then I’ll give you a proven system that’s helped 1000’s of women just like you succeed in achieving their goals.

If this sounds good to you and you’d like a step by step plan with my personalized guidance, encouragement and support then please join today.  

I’d love to coach you!!

Bel XOr

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Important Note: Once you join please message me via my Help Desk letting me know you’re a seminar participant so I can personally help you get started with the program.


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