Upper Body Workout (Beginner)

by Belinda on October 13, 2015

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Many women ask me about lifting and firming their breasts, toning their arms (to get rid of cellulite) and getting rid of bra fat.

This is a great workout if you lack upper body strength and need to firm everything up! Ideal especially for beginners and those new to upper body resistance training.

When I first started exercising, I was weak in my arms and back (as I share in the video).  

But over time, as I stuck with it – I got stronger and to my surprise everything started to take shape.  If you’re consistent with this workout you’ll find the same!

It’s important to go slow as you move through the range of motion for each exercise and do enough reps so that you either feel the burn starting or run out of muscle strength. It’s that pushing into the zone that gets results.

Even 20 minutes of focused effort 2 or 3 times a week will see great progress.

Let me know how it goes by posting below ??


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The Exercises

Do Exercises 1-8 Straight Through.  Repeat 2-3 Times. Don’t Rush.


1.    Ball Bent Over Rows: 12-15



2. Ball Chest/Shoulder Press: 12-15



3. Single Arm Bent Over Side Raises: 12 each side



4. Beginner Push-Up: 8-12



5. Lateral Raises: 12 each side.



6. Front Raises:  8 then reverse hand grip for another 8



7. Bicep Curls: 12 each side



8. Floor Tricep Push-Ups: 10-12


Why The Get Lean Program?


Many women come to me because what used to work – isn’t working anymore. 

Here’s the thing….

Hormonal changes from the age of 35 onwards means everything changes.

So we need to do things differently! 

Get Lean isn’t a “diet”….

It’s a healthy lifestyle program to help you lose weight, get rid of cellulite and maintain your ideal body long term.

> No rebound weight gain.

> No crazy cravings and feeling hungry all the time.

> No feeling exhausted from low calories and low blood sugar levels.

No matter where you’re at right now you can turn things around!!

Let me introduce you to some of our beautiful Get Leaners….(this could be you)!

About Our “Get Leaners”!!


getleaneres imagespaceWhen you join Get Lean, you’ll be a part of our supportive and caring community of ladies from around the world. 

Women who’ve faced the same challenges, who understand. 

They’ve walked the path before you. They’ll cheer you on and offer a wee bit of advice when you need it.

And you’ve probably already noticed that Get Lean is for all shapes and sizes — because it’s personalized to YOUR body, lifestyle and goals.

You’ll receive a 90-Day Eating Plan and be assigned your own Get Lean Coach

Your Get Lean Coach will create the perfect weekly workout plan based on your level of fitness, taking into account any limitations and whether you want to work out at home or the gym. She’ll be there to answer all your questions, keep you accountable and guide you towards success.

And remember…. “lean” means YOUR best body. 

Not some unattainable ideal you see in your social media newsfeed. 

This is all about YOU looking and feeling your absolutely best – inside and out.

Being a Get Leaner means your healthiest, best body!

Fueling your body with nutrient rich foods and keeping your metabolism firing so you can lose weight while feeling energized and empowered. 

Empowered to make the choices you want. No matter what anyone else thinks or says….

This is YOUR journey.

How To Join Us Today


If you’ve been struggling for way to long, trying to lose weight and get a lean, defined and toned body, it’s not your fault. 

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Imagine enjoying your food, not struggling with cravings and being able to achieve and maintain your ideal weight easily. 

Imagine looking forward to working out, full of energy, totally in the zone and seeing changes on a weekly basis.

It simply requires being open to change and rethinking your approach...

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You deserve the best that life has to offer and I’m here to help you make it happen!!



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