Wendy’s Journey to Younger Looking Skin

by Belinda on June 1, 2014

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I love hearing from my clients and sometimes I receive a special email that really makes my day. A few months ago, I woke up to find this in my Inbox:

Hi Belinda,

Thought you might like to see how I am going with my Sexy Skin Program.  I really was not sure if I was getting anywhere so I am really glad that I had taken photos back in November last year.  The first thing I noticed is that my skin seems more vibrant and less “thick” I also think the lines are a bit finer and that maybe the droop under my chin has lifted slightly?  I can see that it is working and I feel fantastic about the improvement. Thanks Wendy X


As you can imagine…I was over the moon and wanted to know more so I asked Wendy if she would share her journey on the program with us. She kindly agreed and here it is!

Wendy’s Super Sexy Skin Story

I’d noticed when I got in my mid 40s that the difference in appearances between people who were the same age become a lot more obvious.

I have a brother who is only 3 years younger than me but he does not look it, he looks so much younger! I put this down to the lack of sun damage….

I didn’t feel like I was faring all that well and then I met someone my age and realized I certainly looked older. Also a niece said something about how I looked in comparison to my 3 brothers…

I was 47 and I’ve never been focused on my skin, appearances or a makeup person.

But when I looked closer I noticed sun spots on my cheeks…and that the imperfections from previous years had started to be more obvious.

My dream was to stop the aging process..if I could just kind of freeze it where it is for 5 or 10 years I’d be good – so my motivation was to halt the downhill slide, improving my skin would be a bonus.

For me it was a process of incremental change; I did one thing at a time, building step by step on the information.

I started cleansing morning and night not just face but neck and upper area of my neck. This made a massive difference. My skin hadn’t been cleaned properly for years!  Later I adding in the microfiber cloths….for cleansing..they do a better job by lightly exfoliating your face each time you cleanse.

I also began doing the Shiatsu Massage a couple of times a week. As time went by and I saw the results I became more and more consistent – at least every second day, often doing it before bed.

And I wasn’t really exercising so the Body Toning Routine that comes with the program was ideal.

So those were the 3 things I started with: the Cleansing Routine, the Shiatsu Massage and the Body Toning.

Then I sorted out my kitchen and my eating improved.

If you look in my fridge compared to now – it’s quite different. Containers with nuts, fruits and seeds.   I started doing a lot of the breakfast smoothies and began to feel better inside and started following the rhythm of the eating plan.

The results I’ve achieved haven’t been dependent on being Spartan with my foods. But now I just don’t feel good inside when I eat like I used to. The food changes were a gradual thing of introducing new stuff and the old stuff dropped off.

First I started feeling so much better…and then I noticed changes in my skin.

What happened was that I thought my skin was looking less thick….I had one of those moments where I thought “am I making a difference here”…and I took some new photos – I was very thankful I’d taken the earlier photos! I’ve looked at my face a lot more than the last 40 years lol I thought I was seeing differences but not really sure…

I thought I looked fresher…but could see my eyes had opened up and puffiness had subsided under my eyes and across my nose.

The truth was because I was looking at my face all the time I didn’t really appreciate how much my skin had improved. It was the same thing that was happening in reverse previously – I was getting older and older without really noticing the changes in the mirror – we look in the mirror everyday and don’t see ourselves aging….

The biggest message I want to share is that I didn’t do everything all at once. For example I have only just started to do a facemask (the avocado with buttermilk)…so my next task is to figure out how I can organize myself to do that regularly.

By getting a handful of things in place I started to feel better, I’ve been motivated to go back and read things again and pick up something new to add in.

For example, I’ve just started to do the body exfoliation (I’ve found the best are those that use coconut oil with either finely ground salt or ground coffee beans). I have dry skin so when I get out of shower my skin it’s already already moisturized.

So my other goal is to move what I am achieving with my face to the rest of my body.

When I first read the program it intuitively made sense.

It makes sense that you would nourish your skin from the inside. It makes sense that you would put some sort of physical exertion on your facial muscles to help them tone up and change shape. It makes sense the your skin drinks in the essential oils as opposed to using heavy creams. And the fact that by doing those things you can see changes because your skin is continually renewing itself, getting rid of the old cells so the new ones can come through…

I am so thankful that Belinda put the program together because I feel like I’ve benefited enormously.

It’s a very personal program… and I hope that my story inspires other women to take better care of their skin. Just go at your own pace and see it as a journey…..keep using it because it works!



A massive thank you to Wendy for sharing her inspirational journey, I hope it encourages you to value your skin and take better care of it…when we look better on the outside, we feel better on the inside.

And if you’d like to discover more about the Super Sexy Skin Program, just click here.


Any questions for Wendy or me, please post below :)



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Julie December 6, 2015 at 8:50 pm

Hi Belinda,

I love all the knowledge you share with your followers and what you’ve done with your life is so impressive. Thankyou for being so generous with all you’ve learnt.

I was wondering if your super sexy skin program addresses bone remodeling? I’ve been doing a lot of research into facial aging and have realised that bone shrinkage is one of the key drivers to looking older. I’ve come across an orthodontic device which has been shown to remodel the whole face just from the pressure it exerts on the mandibular bone. But before exploring that option I wanted to explore less intrusive options and saw how impressive the results are from your program. Do you think the massage portion of your program may be affecting remodeling?



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